Wednesday, January 13th

Katie just said her first word – Da Da. She must know something’s happening, Vikki says. Too bad Billy didn’t get to hear it, Nikki sighs. I heard it, Billy thinks it beautiful. Nikki will take the kids home – you go be there for Billy. Hoping it’s not too late, Vikki rushes out. Left to bundle up the kids, Nikki’s surprised to find the toy car Johnny’d left with his Dad.

Billy’s back at GCM when Delia appears – Daddy?

Victor’s sorry – he knows Chelsea and Billy were close. Chelsea needs to speak to her husband (who’s not answering his cell) Victor calls the pilot – what do you mean Adam didn’t show up? Where’s my husband? Cheslea yelps.

Hi Daddy – how are you? Billy’s confused, but it sure is good to see Delia. He thought he was ready to go. What am I supposed to do? Go back and fix it, Delia says he’s not out of time. And she’s OK (showing off fingers adorned with Kay’s rings) Vikki arrives. Go – I love you too, Delia sends him back. Vikki shivers as Billy passes through her into his room. Beep, beep, beep. No, the nurse says – it’s not normal – there’s brain activity. Billy’s coming back to us, Vikki says.

Next: Where the hell is my husband? Chelsea snaps at Victor … Billy didn’t die when they took him off life support, Kevin updates Mariah (who says we’re about to be in a stomping ground of crap between the Abbott’s and the Newmans) … Hey Vik, Billy mutters weakly.

My Thoughts: Billy WAS my Uncle, Noah says (already referring to him in the past tense though he’s still breathing) Now Noah considers Billy his Uncle? – they barely have any interaction; in fact Noah running over Billy is the most contact they’ve had! I also paused when Jill referred to herself as Johnny’s Grandma (she’s virtually a stranger to him) Did she even acknowledge Katie? And why hasn’t Reed been mentioned? He was once very close to Billy. Still noticeably absent; Collin. Creep that he is, he should be there to soak up Jill’s tears (as JW continues to rock her scenes as grieving Mother) …. ‘Sissy’? You’d think Nikki would be glad to call Katie/Katherine by the name given in honour of her BFF and Mother figure (portrayed of course by the much missed Jeanne Cooper) Lovely to see Delia wearing Kay’s baubles (I have to wonder if she will someday be brought back to play the daughter Chloe’s hiding) ..OK – the new Billy. Of course no one in town ‘knows’ you – you were blonde when you were run over and now you’re dark haired…. It’s impossible to detect chemistry when he’s not actually interacting with other characters. He’s not as fair as the rest of the Abbott’s, but he does more closely resemble Jill. The jury is still out.