Monday, January 18th

Back at NE, Victor tells Kevin that ‘the girl’ is Marisa. Yes, he’ll hand her over – he wants his son back. Just kindly trace the email – I can’t stall these people much longer. Kevin leaves Victor to reply to the email – I need proof you have Adam.

Dylan can’t use his many skills at the coffee shop – he wants to earn Paul’s respect – prove that he’s worthy of his trust. Sharon gets that – but doesn’t want to worry every night that her husband will make it home alive. Chelsea drops by on cue – Adam’s missing – I need your husband.

Chelsea relays everything Nick told her after visiting Victor. He and Kevin were talking about ‘the girl’ when Nick interrupted.

Now at the suite, Kevin tells Natalie that she’s safe – ‘the girl’ in question is Marisa. Victor thinks he’s making an exchange with the Santori’s; Marisa for Adam. What happens when they realize Marisa’s not the girl they’re after. Tell Victor he’s got it wrong before he puts Marisa on a plane! Mariah insists. You’re just going to hand me over!? Natalie yelps. Summoned to the station by Dylan, Kevin orders Mariah to keep Natalie safe here in the suite.

Dylan tells Chelsea and Sharon that he’s off to talk to Kevin. Both hope he finds something. Stop! Sharon stuns both Chelsea and Dylan (who she won’t let go off to confront Victor)

More wine? Mariah suggests as Natalie gets to work. Going to check on a noise in the hallway, Mariah returns seconds later to say ‘nothing to worry about’. Natalie??? Natalie? Dammit! Mariah finds the suite empty.

Devon finds it funny that Ben told Abby she didn’t know anything about love. He remembers their chat that day; telling her about love. Yes, he was talking about Hilary, not Roxy. Yes – he had an affair with his Dad’s wife. Yes, Abby slept with her niece’s husband. We’ve both made mistakes, they chuckle (then talk more about love)

What a coincidence, Dr Anderson wastes little time mentioning that Nick and Sharon used to own CL’s. And how are you two? Great – and we’ll continue to be great if you stay the hell out of our lives! Sage snaps. After a wounded Dr A escapes, Nick asks – what the hell was that? Sage tells ‘honey’ to open his eyes and see the situation for what it is.

Don’t tell me to relax ‘honey’ – this isn’t Sage being unstable or hypersensitive (as Dr Anderson claims) Sharon may think Dr Anderson walks on water – but don’t you feel she’s conspiring against us a little bit? Why mention you and Sharon owning this place. Nick isn’t making excuses – he’s trying to find an explanation. Something’s up with Dr Anderson and Sage will find out what that is. With a quick kiss, she exits.

Chelsea thought Sharon of all people would want Adam home safe. Yes, of course, Sharon’s now sheepish. Dylan might be the only person who can help get to the bottom of this. I have to do this, Dylan gives Sharon a kiss and exits, leaving Sharon to lash out at Chelsea. My husband is missing – I just want him home safe. You played into our sympathies, Sharon remembers the kind of person Chelsea used to be – you’re the same selfish person you were when you tricked Dylan into thinking he was Connor’s Father. This isn’t about me, Chelsea causes Sharon’s head to bob about.

Now at the club, Luca’s only interest is finding Marisa. Noah’s told to go check her suite and he’ll call his Father. Noah catches Mariah as she sprints down the stairs. He’s concerned – what’s going on? talk to me.

Marisa awakens – terrified to find herself tied to a bed. Where am I!?

Victor scowls at an email; a photo of Adam tied to a chair. Hand over the girl – no more stalling.

Mariah spits lies at Noah – she’s gotta get to Underground for a delivery. Bye, she hurries out of the club.

Abby knows that other people need Ben more than she does – his son’s here; his Mom died and I have to take a back seat (which isn’t like Abby) Devon’s sure she will though – you’ll do what you need to do. As for Hilary, Devon’s situation is complicated. We’re both a mess still – don’t be a stranger. Yes, Abby will think about his job offer.

At the station, Kevin does indeed have information for Dylan. Victor thinks he knows who ‘the girl’ is, but he’s wrong.

Chelsea’s sorry she stepped in the middle of whatever’s going on between Dylan and Sharon (who continues to give her attitude) Adam will be fine – Victor wouldn’t let anything happen to him. When a cry is heard over the monitor, Sharon confides that she worries things will change for her and Dylan.

Dr Anderson’s back at CL’s to buy coffee beans. Nick admits that Sage did indeed leave because of her. She’s having a hard time understanding how our personal life is any of your business. Dr Anderson has come to care about Sage and Nick. Well Sage thinks you only care about me, Nick replies.

Dr Anderson’s only reached out because she’s concerned about Sharon or Nick (whom she’s only wanted to help) That’s all there is to it? Nick wants to believe that – but she’s just a bit too quick to go above and beyond. Like now – you didn’t just come back for coffee. You came back hoping to run into me alone. That’s preposterous, Dr A stammers. Nick thinks Sage is right – you have an agenda and I want to know what it is.