Monday, January 18th

Sage is at GCM – asking a nurse about the credentials for Dr Sandy Anderson. I’d like to learn about her background – any information would be helpful.
Bringing Sully down, Sharon can tell Chelsea wants to have another baby. She apologizes for before – but Adam’s a survivor. Chelsea just needs Dylan to find him and bring him home.

Noah and Luca touch base in the dining room; Marisa’s not in her suite and per Luca’s Father, the Santori’s don’t have Adam. My Father’s no fool – why risk his partnership with Victor by kidnapping his son? Either way, Noah wants to save Marisa, even if it means going to the police.

Marisa squirms. Somebody help me! Please!!!!

‘The girl’ is Natalie, NOT Marisa, Kevin says that Victor’s about to make a bad mistake. Dylan sums it up – so people in Switzerland want Natalie (and the idea in her head) She’s safe where no one can get to her, Kevin assures. Uh oh – Mariah arrives to say that Natalie ran out on her.

Get the girl ready to move, Victor says into his phone, then hangs up. You have the wrong girl, Natalie walks into Victor’s office to announce. Who are you? Victor asks.


Next: Nick finds Sage at GCM; We should talk about this. Talk about what? Dr Anderson …. Dylan questions Victor – When were you planning on notifying the police about Adam’s kidnapping? ….Mariah shouts at Kevin – she sold the project twice! Victor’s going to find out and come after us!

My Thoughts: Chelsea should have ‘forced’ Adam to stay? How exactly? Like Sharon tried to force Dylan into staying? … Marisa is a tiny woman – but I don’t think I’ve ever seen a bicep-less arm before. Give the girl some free-weights and a sandwich …. All the confusion could be clearly avoided if people would start using names instead of ‘the girl’. Marisa probably doesn’t even know how to download an anti-virus system, never mind creating impenetrable internet security … If Nick believes Sage, why would he defend Dr Anderson to her. It’s not like he’s going to click in that Sandy’s the same woman who injured herself diving into his swimming pool in high school .. Now that Dylan’s a Detective, perhaps he’ll be able to detect that Sharon’s off her meds. You’d think Chelsea would have left after Sharon lashed out at her. She’s hardly a person above reproach who has right to judge Chelsea (at least she only had two potential Father’s; when pregnant with Faith, Sharon had three; the Abbott brothers and Nick) … Dylan has ‘so many skills’? Like what? Does he even carry a firearm?