Thursday, January 21st

Paul lists all the cops and procedures he’ll have in place – it’ll go down fast – the stakes are high – two lives. There’s one variable that concerns him and Dylan; Victor. When someone threatens his family, he becomes judge, jury and executioner. He won’t hesitate to throw Natalie under the bus. But he might keep her alive because her project’s lucrative. Kevin’s again told to stay out of it (and away from Top of the Tower) He and Mariah are left to butt heads over Natalie. Kevin’s laptop beeps – Natalie’s on video chat – she’s alive but not sure how long that’ll last.

Over pudding cups, Billy asks what happened to Phyllis while he was under – did she go gluten free? Why? Billy needs Vikki to persuade the hospital to release him.

At Top of The Tower, Paul praises Dylan for thinking like a cop – he IS happy, and proud – but – as a Father, he’s concerned about his son’s safety. We’ll both get out of here in one piece, Dylan’s sure.

On video chat, Natalie, Kevin and Mariah discuss Victor’s promise to keep Natalie safe. Paul’s solid but anything can happen tonight – and Victor could be just as dangerous as the kidnappers.

If Victor has to sacrifice that girl to bring Adam home, he will Go give the best fashion show of your life. My husband’s life depends on it, she frets.

Adam overhears the thug on his phone; OK, I’ll take care of it. Yes Ma’am. Ma’am? Adam’s puzzled.


Next: Nothing will go wrong, Paul assures. I don’t trust these kidnappers and I sure as hell don’t trust Victor, Kevin’s agitated … You stick to the plan and you’ll be alright, Victor says. Easy for you to say, you’re not the one being offered up as bait, Natalie replies … let’s get you cleaned up. It’s almost showtime, the thug’s back for Adam.

My Thoughts: Funny that Phyllis mentions a hair appointment, and Jack notices how nice it looks – when it’s the same as every other day – and nobody blinked an eye when she went from brunette back to being a redhead. Nikki cutting a foot off her hair a few years ago was barely noticed …. How convenient that Connie’s never at her desk. I’m surprised it’s not covered in a layer of dust. Her computer’s probably running Windows 98…. A pop-up fashion show? Put on in an hour? What if people have plans? Why does the ‘public place’ have to be an event? And must everything occur at Top to The Towers now? Why would whomever kidnapped Adam be OK with making the exchange on turf obviously owned by Victor? And knowing this is going down (and the trouble that’s already been missed), why aren’t cameras being installed?