Friday, January 22nd

Still tied to a chair and making jokes, a stinky Adam will now be taken to clean up – it’s almost showtime.

At the station, Kevin badgers Paul to let him in on the plan – he can guarantee nothing goes wrong (and no harm to Natalie) He doesn’t trust the kidnappers OR Victor Newman.

In Victor’s office, Natalie frets. Stick to the plan, Victor tells her. Easy for you to say, you’re not bait! Natalie runs off to be sick (the guard on her heels) Who’s that girl? Nikki arrives to enquire.

At CL’s, Sage is relieved that Nick agrees with her that something’s not right with Dr Anderson. I’m always on your side, they exchange I love you’s. Sage hasn’t been able to find Dr A’s maiden name; it’s like she buried it.

Don’t wait up, Dylan will be home late. No, you won’t! Her voice sharp, Sharon’s ‘not letting’ him go.

Jack and Phyllis arrive at Top of the Towers to wonder why Chelsea’s throwing a fashion show in such a hurry – and when her husband’s been kidnapped. Maybe she needs to stay busy, Phyllis suggests. Jack wishes he could do more to help Chelsea.

Chelsea’s surprised when Abby and Summer drop by the penthouse – insisting they be part of the pop-up show, they won’t take no for an answer. As they go upstairs to get ready, Marisa arrives to suspect that this is a lot more than a fashion show to a nervous Chelsea.

Marisa knows Adam was kidnapped; Victor tried to trade her for him. What? Chelsea’s stunned. He abducted me – then let me go when he found out I wasn’t ‘the girl’ the kidnappers wanted, Marisa adds. Chelsea’s sorry and appreciates Marisa’s help (but feels badly about Abby and Summer unwittingly putting themselves in danger) As such, when they return, Chelsea has something to tell them.

Kevin gives Paul a tracker/bracelet to put on Natalie. Fine, but monitor it from HERE, Paul orders Kevin to stay at the station.

Nikki got an alert on GC Buzz about the fashion show (which she’s attending) That girl? She’s a new employee who’s nervous and got lost, Victor lies. Suggesting Nikki stay home, Victor plays the Neil card. It works – a pissed off Nikki slams out.

Sharon suggests Dylan monitor the hostage exchange from across the street – what will she do if something happens to him? Dylan will be fine – he has too much to come home to. With a kiss and I love you’s, he leaves Sharon to summon Doctor Anderson.