Thursday, January 21st

Victor instructs his security guy to use the police manpower – but follow MY orders, no matter what Paul says. And on one is to enter this area, especially not ‘that girl. Sitting at Connie’s desk, Natalie shows Victor a message that just came in from the kidnappers – they’re not happy.

Maybe I dreamt it, Billy says. Vikki relays that Katie said Da Da at CL’s – maybe she mentioned it. Jack and Phyllis return to mention the deal. Billy’s over it – he’s going home. Live is good. Vikki leaves them to chat. Jack leaves to take a call. That leaves Phyllis to tell Billy he can cut the act; she knows he’s mad as hell at Victor.

Natalie hovering, Paul and Dylan call Victor on speakerphone – the ransom exchange takes place tonight at Top of the Tower – at Chelsea’s fashion show. Victor doesn’t want Chelsea in danger. The GCPD will keep everyone safe. That’s the plan. Victor’s told to respond. After he taps a few keys on his computer, Victor declares it done. Natalie wonders if he’ll double-cross the cops. Victor smiles.

Adam’s caught trying to shuffle his chair over to the goon’s phone. You got kids? Family? Adam talks about his wife and son – can I call my wife to tell her I love her and not to worry? The goon leaves Adam to flashback to happier times with Chelsea (and work on freeing himself)

Victor’s guard lets Chelsea into his office. She went to the police because Victor wouldn’t help. Victor tells her that he’s running the show – they’re civil servants, not Adam’s Father. Yes, Chelsea does blame Victor. You think I’d sacrifice my son for a business deal? You’re making me angry! I won’t sacrifice my son for a damn thing!

Kevin at Mariah are at the station – is the ransom/exchange a go? Dylan had to tell them because they wanted to file a missing person’s on Natalie. Paul appreciates the spirit but won’t share any more info. You’re done – don’t complicate things. You get that!?

Adam shouts through the door – my dear old Dad will keep your ransom and tell you where to stick it!

Back at Victor’s office, Chelsea agrees that Adam will find his way back to her. Natalie’s brought back – grumbling about having a gaurd outside the ladies room. Victor introduces Chelsea (who blames Adam being kidnapped because Natalie scammed her partners) She’ll drag Natalie out there by her hair – she has conned stamped on her forehead! Natalie is a brillaint hacker who had nothing to do with Adam being kidnapped, Victor says – then plays the orhan card – will you help us?

Phyllis knows that Jack wants to believe Billy’s over his revenge for Victor, but she knows he’s not (and she clearly isn’t either)

Vikki and Jack chat in the hallway – Billy will be OK, she’s sure. Love wins. Jack’s happy they get a second chance (and won’t waste it avenging Victor)

Phyllis thinks it’s time karma kicked some butt (take the kick me sign off Billy’s back) Vikki and Jack return with pudding cups. Phyllis leaves Billy to think.

Victor will reward Natalie for helping return Adam home safely. Hearing that he has a two year old son, Natalie agrees to help (then leaves Victor and Chelsea to agree that Natalie can’t be trusted)