Monday, January 25th

Billy pulls Vikki onto his bed. We’ll have plenty of time for that when we get home, Vikki doesn’t want to rush their second chance. You’re staying put. Fine, but you go check out Chelsea’s fashion show – no need to guard the door so Billy doesn’t bolt.

At Top of the Tower, Chelsea fusses over Adam. Victor and Jack learn that the real kidnapper, a woman, isn’t the one in custody. She could be anywhere – Europe. Europe? Adam’s puzzled. It’s all about Internet software, Kevin and a Swiss hacker, Chelsea explains that this woman kidnapped Adam to force Victor out of the deal (this is all news to Adam)

Paul and Dylan have ‘slick’ in a chair in Victor’s office. His charges listed (including assaulting an officer; Dylan) he better start talking. You’re not the mastermind. Who hired you? Slick didn’t get a name or face, he was paid in cash.

Put your bag down – we’re staying. In the suite, Phyllis introduces herself as the other investor (who didn’t get what she paid for and doesn’t appreciate Natalie making other deals) Kidnapping Adam was just business; Victor would agree.

At the club, Dr Anderson claims that Nick committing Sage to Fairview would be an act of kindness; she’s paranoid. Get her the help she needs. Sage comes along to wonder what the hell’s going on. You’re having dinner with her!? Stay away from my husband you evil, twisted bitch!

Mariah’s at Sharon’s, watching her fret about Dylan – and Sage. I wouldn’t let her see Sully. HAS she always ‘been great with him’? Sage is spinning out of control. Sharon feels sorry for her, but won’t let Sage near Sully until she gets help.

Nick and Sage have a loud argument in the middle of the club. This is not you, Nick denies this is about ‘sides’. Let’s talk in private. Refusing, Sage gives the ‘traitor’ a hard slap across the face.

Sharon agrees with Dr Anderson – Sage is paranoid. Mariah thinks Dr Anderson might be wrong (and lists what she finds odd about her) She’s too involved in your life and Nick and Sage’s too. It’s bizarre. Sharon doesn’t see it that way at all. Mariah gets an alert on her phone – something’s going down at Newman. Sharon’s gonna ask Bonnie to watch the kids – I’m going to find my husband!

Paul and Dylan conclude that ‘Slick’ could serve 30 years. OK – it was a woman, they’re told – he directs them to his motel room (where his phone is – the woman called him from a burner phone)

Phyllis tells Natalie how this is gonna work – tell everyone you ducked out because you were nervous the other investor was after you. Victor will fund your project – give him a dummy program. Phyllis will have the real one she paid for (and say she came up with it herself) You want to make a name for yourself. Natalie guesses Phyllis wants war with Victor – what do you have against him?