Tuesday, January 26th

As Adam arrives at the station, Sage and Nick continue their charade. You’re having me committed? Sage is reluctantly lead out. As Chelsea stands by, Adam barks at Nick – it IS my business; she’s my friend!

Sharon bumps into Ben at GCM. They briefly discuss Sage – and that Max is warming up to Abby.

On the patio, Abby tries to convince Max that she wants to see the movie. Naw – he also rejects a snowball fight, shopping, the museum. Standing to exit, he doesn’t need a babysitter. Whoa Mr – you’re not going anywhere, Abby stands too.

Neville’s sure the treatment WILL work – he’s in the business of saving lives, not snuffing them out – plus, what Ashley is asking is illegal. She knows he’s bent the rules before, and extending her life might not be an option. Have faith Ms Abbott – enough talk about your imminent demise – time for today’s treatment.

Asleep, Ashley dreams of Ben telling her he loves her. Bad dream? Neville asks. Yes, the fire was horrifying – thankfully I wasn’t alone. A certain army medic who thinks he’s a doctor? Patches? Stitch, Ashley corrects and defends. Neville’s noticed her eyes dilate when she’s around Ben. Our ‘little thing’ is in the past, Ashley assures. Both then hurry out when Abby arrives to introduce them to Max. As Neville takes him on a tour, Abby updates Ashley – Max is a brat who hates her. This might cost me my marriage.

In Paul’s office, Adam would rather argue about Sage than answer questions about his kidnapping. Adam knows about mental health crisis’ – ask Sharon who was there for her; not Nick – he abandoned her, just like he has Sage.

At Memorial, Sharon runs into Nick – who reports that Sage is in for 72 hours (per Dr Anderson’s recommendation) Sharon’s sorry, but she had to do what’s best for her son. Good luck, she leaves when Sandy comes out to tell Nick he did the right thing. When gets a moment to visit, Sage wonders if the plan’s working. It seems to be, but Nick thinks they made a terrible mistake.

Yes, Dr Anderson thinks Sage is going crazy, but Nick also had to convince Dylan, Chelsea, Adam and Sharon. He’s worried they’re getting in too deep. If Sage feels she’s in danger, Nick’s pulling the plug. He doesn’t want to leave her like this. They share a kiss and I love you’s. In the hallway, Sandy invites Nick to get coffee. Chelsea on his heels, Adam barges into Sage’s room. She plays the role; rambling that Dr Anderson’s after her husband and out to get her. After Chelsea leaves, Adam wants to get Sage out of there. No – you can’t.

Ashley’s sure Max will soon realize how fantastic Abby is. When she was married to Victor, Vikki called her the wicked witch (thanks to Nikki) Abby and Ashley then find Max having a great time mixing potions with Neville. After he mopes out after Abby, Neville brushes off Ashley’s praise that he was good with Max.

At the club, Ben reports that Abby and Max are making headway. Dylan shows off his badge. Sharon’s not thrilled about it though. He’s happy but worries he’ll be away too much to notice if Sharon goes into a downward spiral.

Almost spilling his coffees, Nick’s teased by a couple of fellas at CL’s. On the patio, he frets to Dr Anderson – you can’t really know what Sage is going through. You couldn’t be more wrong, Sandy confides.