Tuesday, January 26th

At the club, Ben scolds Abby for taking Max to the lab and to hang out with Neville. It’s my family company, not a nuclear plant, Abby snaps back. You’re not listening – I need to be kept in the loop when it comes to my son. Understand? Maybe you shouldn’t have run off and left him with me. Max watches from the table a few feet away.

Anxious for her results, Ashley is floored when Neville hands her the folder – it’s working! she leaps into his arms.

Now home, Dylan tells Sharon that he loves her. She relays seeing Nick – how much more trauma must he and Sage endure. She’s so grateful they have Sully (who both fawn over)

Sage can’t fight this – Nick signed the papers so Dr Anderson would drop the charges. He loves and is protecting me (but is touched that Adam’s so outraged) This’ll all be over in 72 hours. That’s all she’s holding onto. Call if you need anything, Adam leaves. In the hallway, he gripes to Chelsea that this is Nick’s fault.

Sandy knows what it’s like to lose something she wanted badly – to have your dreams smashed! What happened to you? Nick wonders. Apologizing, she needs to get to Fairview. Alone, Nick vows she’ll tell him all about it next time.


Next: Victor talks to Vikki – Convey one message to Billy Boy – he’s not part of this deal….. In Billy’s room, Phyllis is excited – let me tell you it’s going to be spectacular – we deserve this. Phyllis, Billy sighs …. You’re having second thoughts, she guesses….

My Thoughts: Did Dylan really thank Sharon for not giving him too much grief over getting assaulted? Having made a career of being the victim, it’s a bit hypocritical for Sharon to be victim-blaming. That said, it’s hard to feel sorry for Dylan as the victim given how many times he’s landed sucker punches himself…. Survivor fans might recognize Joe and Jeremy (the two-time fan faves, and the later the million dollar winner) The clip was lame, totally unnecessary and anyone thinking this might launch their acting careers should remember that Jerry, Colby and James Clement also made guest appearances. Who are they? Exactly. Still, it’s a bit of harmless fun .. I’m disappointed that Ashley’s treatment is working. Why? Because the topic of doctor-assisted dying being available to those who choose it is quite timely and something NEW besides doppelgangers, cheating and baby roulette. Of course, I don’t have full confidence that the writers would invest themselves to the point that it would interest us; even though it’s more likely that end of life decision will be more relevant to our lives than coming back from the dead.