Tuesday, January 26th

Sorry. No time for fancy stuff like spellcheck and proofreading. Sentences may be nonsensical and lack punctuation.

Chelsea and Adam are deliriously happy to awaken beside one another.

Sharon wishes they could stay like this all day – just a few more minutes, she pleads (cradling Sully on the couch) Dylan needs to get to the station to interview Adam about his ordeal. The night went pretty well – much better than some others …..

Sage runs into Nick’s arms at the station. Getting arrested wasn’t part of the plan. Asking for a minute alone, Nick stuns Sage – what the hell were you thinking last night?!

The Rayburn family enter the patio after a skate; joking about Ben’s epic fall. As Max goes for hot chocolates, Ben says it was with the pain – seeing Abby and Max smile.

At the lab, Ashley gives Neville a blood sample. After visiting Billy, she worries about putting her family through the same hard decision – if she doesn’t make a miraculous recovery.

Abby and Ben are both optimistic that Max is coming around – he wants to have a snowball fight. Abby’d rather go play the new video game she got him. No one said you had to come, Max growls.

Having missed precious time with her three girls, Sharon wants to treasure every moment with Sully. Dylan understands – he’s waited so long to be a Dad. What does he think about Sage being around the baby? Dylan will always protect them. Sharon’s taking Sully for his check up today. After Dylan leaves, she coos about how lucky they are.

In bed with Adam, Chelsea’s thinking about Dylan – he loves being a Dad; no one will take Sully away from him (as she did with Connor)

We’re supposed to be working together on finding out what the good doctor’s up to, Nick reminds. Sage got upset seeing them sitting together, and Dr Anderson told Sharon to keep Sully away from her. Nick gets it – we can use this to our advantage; Dr Anderson will drop her guard and open up to Nick. Confirming that Sage OK with the plan, Nick calls to summon Sandy to the station.

Ben scolds Max into apologizing to Abby – but he’s not thrilled about going to the arcade, and only mildly and briefly interested in the movie she wants to see (especially when Ben’s called in to Memorial) Abby’s left to chirp ‘this’ll be fun’. Max’s expression reads ‘like hell it will’

Worried that the brilliant Dr Neville’s treatment won’t work, Ashley has decided Abby won’t make the decision Jack and the family had to – she wants Neville to end her life if it comes to that.

Sandy joins Dylan and Nick at the station to reiterate her recommendation; inpatient psychiatric care. Nick can have Sage committed to a facility of his choosing (Memorial) – just sign these papers. As Dylan goes to sign transfer papers, Sage comes out to ask what the hell SHE’s doing here.