Wednesday, January 27th

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Anxious to get out of the hospital, Billy flashes back to Phyllis telling him that the hacker works for her – us. Why does it seem like there’s somewhere else you need to be? Vikki picks up on it.

At Top of the Tower, Victor asks for an explanation of the glitch (but no, has no idea what Natalie means; as she babbles on in code-speak) Dylan appears – who else knows about this internet? The kidnapper’s still out there. Who knows what she’ll do next. Jack sneaks up behind a dressed-to-impress Phyllis – how do you plan to explain THIS???

At CL’s, Noah’s complaining about Victor and his kidnapping ways. He must do this sort of thing all the time. Abby comes along to defend Daddy; the man’s son was kidnapped. That justifies kidnapping Marisa? Noah thinks Newman’s COO is the world’s most glorified lap dog.

Adam and Chelsea return home to debate whether Sage is losing control. She’s grieving and being punished, Adam says. No, Nick’s protecting her, Adam argues. Luca arrives to discuss the next stage of the plan. Not a good time, Adam says. Oh it’s a good time – and Chelsea wants to know exactly what plan this is.

Billy does have someplace to be – home. past. Vikki has to get to work. Handing Billy a phone and Johnny’s red car, she has to go deal with more drama with this double-dealing computer genius. Thank God you’re not involved with her and this project. No money’s worth the trouble she’s brought to town.

Seated at Top of the Tower, Phyllis tells Jack that she’s meeting a vendor. When Victor appears, Jack asks about menu specials tonight. Crackers from the vending machine, Victor thinks they’re in Jack’s budget. Vowing to catch Adam’s kidnapper, Victor warns Jack to stay away from him and the project. Look at what it cost last time you tried to topple my empire. As Jack grumbles, Phyllis gets a text from Billy ‘we need to talk’.

An officer posted at Victor’s office door, Dylan questions Natalie – Adam’s kidnapper is a woman. Natalie only met her investor online. No, she’s not scared to talk. Dylan promises to protect Natalie – the truth about the plan will come out and he doesn’t want Natalie going down with the rest of them.

Knowing this chat has nothing to do with NE, Chelsea will leave Luca and Adam to scheme. Just home from being kidnapped, she does NOT understand why Adam would get involved with the Santoris. This is SO like you. I hate it! After she slams out, Adam blasts Luca (who hands over a folder that contains proof of his Father’s illegal doings – thanks to Marisa) This is beyond good, Adam says. Yes, and now Luca demands Adam honour his side of the deal.

Natalie vetted the person before making the deal – but that was just numbers. When that fell apart, she went to Victor. Vikki barges in to dismiss Dylan (and turn her nose up at Natalie) In the hallway, Vikki hopes Dylan’s working to put this con artist in jail. Dylan’s not sure she did anything illegal but she is working an angle; he will find out what it is.

Jack and Phyllis drop by to see Billy (who’s invited to come back to Jabot) I should have backed your investment. Billy understands – his screw ups don’t go away because someone used him as a speed bump. Jack wants to rebuild Jabot. That means the world to Billy. He’ll think about it. Your office is ready when you are, Jack adds.