Wednesday, January 27th

At Top of the Tower, Jack updates Abby that he offered Billy a job at Jabot. And Abby too. Aby has a job. Yes, but Jack’s offering her purpose; to rebuild Jabot with her family. Whaddaya say? Abby looks torn.

Billy’s in. You don’t have to do this, Phyllis can do it – she doesn’t want to be a bad influence. We’ve come along way – we’re a lot alike, they agree. Phyllis says this is Billy’s deal – she just kept it warm for him. It’s not without risk.

Yes, Victor knows about the plan – they’re working on it together. Marisa and Luca believe what they want them to believe. You believe me right? Chelsea does – but is still troubled. You don’t see what Victor is doing to you.

You wanna play games with me? Noah figured it out, Marisa says. Noah knows that Luca and Adam are working against Victor. Good – I want in.

Abby tells Victor that Jack offered her a job at Jabot. She only has a title – Adam’s shoved her aside. She didn’t even know about this hostage exchange. I’m not valued – I’m going to Jabot.

Dylan wonders if this originated in Geneva – he wants to retrace Kevin’s steps and Natalie’s.

Natalie drops by Billy’s room. ‘This one’ (Phyllis) has done a lot of crazy stuff to get your deal back. She didn’t just do it for me, Billy says. On cue, Vikki arrives, unpleasantly surprised to find Natalie there – what the hell’s going on here??


Next: Why don’t you just talk to me instead of shutting me out? Neil complains. So I can hear more of your bull? Devon’s pissed …. Drop the high society act, Hilary tells Nikki – we both know you were a stripper … Neville is being funded by Devon, so why are you really still here? Jack asks Ashley (at the lab)

My Thoughts; I was right, nuBilly looks better with his head bandaged. Odd that he’s not missing any hair after his brain was opened up for brain surgery that didn’t happen… Noah wonders how someone (his Grandpa) could kidnap someone and not give it a second thought? Oh, I guess like someone could run over their ‘Uncle’ and not come forward. And is Noah really willing to take Victor down or is he going rogue and playing ‘Newman’s secret weapon’ again? If that’s the case, Luca’s chances just improved …. Abby’s really going to give up her COO job at Newman just because Noah called her a glorified lapdog? Couldn’t she prove him wrong by actually working? Odd that she didn’t have any snappy comebacks; she may be a lapdog, but what is Noah doing for a living? Because in his off-time he’s Marisa’s lapdog … Why WOULD Jack and Phyllis put any more money in Victor’s pocket by dining at Top of the Towers …. Good Detective work Dylan – your Mom couldn’t possibly be guilty of anything, because she’s your Mom. And maybe if the names on Kevin’s list of suspects weren’t printed in gigantic letter, the list might be longer and contain more than the same usual suspects. Too bad Traci wasn’t behind it – revenge for Victor destroying the Newman’s with Colleen Abbott’s heart beating in his concave chest .. NE’s vending machines dispense ‘dry crackers’. Opposed to what? Wet crackers?