Thursday, January 28th

Adam finally feels that Victor respects him – and only lied to protect Chelsea. I HAD to keep you in the dark. Chelsea doesn’t want to lie to Marisa. Support me, Adam implores. You just ripped out another page from Victor’s playbook. And what’s wrong with that? Adam stuns her.

Abby gives Victor the choice – will he value her as the savvy businesswoman she is, or will he lose her to Uncle Jack? A savvy business woman wouldn’t leave NE for Jabot. You’re COO – an important part of this company, Victor insists. Prove it, Abby wants in on whatever Victor and Adam are working on.

What’s SHE doing here? Vikki eyeballs Natalie in Billy’s hospital room. Phyllis squirms as he declares it ‘time to come clean’

Gorgeous, beautiful, Neville says. The data? Ashley assumes (as she’s examined) Neville knows she sees the beauty in numbers, but not just the data is beautiful. Ashley’s thrilled with the results (and gives him a hug and possibly a kiss. Neville hopes the investors will also be satisfied with the results and walk away. And take the money with us, Neil strolls in to say. Neville’s making progress. Not according to this, Devon walks in. Father and son bicker. As Ashley talks about saving lives, Jack interrupts the tension.

At the club, Hilary confronts Nikki. She knows that she and Neil are close – but give him some space – and stay out of his bed!

Nikki will blame Hilary’s lack of manners on the coma. Cut the high society act, Hilary sneers – you were a stripper – the only thing that’s changed is the price tag. Calm and scornful, Nikki thinks Hilary desperate for a man she can’t have. Neil and I ARE having an affair, and it’s glorious.

Back at the lab, all four downplay the bickering. Jack takes Ash into the office – Neil and Devon argue over who wronged who. Neville breaks up the bickering (unless they want everyone to figure out who kidnapped Hilary) Neville isn’t an expert on morals – but he IS your son, he reminds Neil.

Billy claims that Natalie (NE’s cyber genius) dropped by to apologize for not playing well with others. Next time an email will suffice. After Natalie leaves, Phyllis distances herself from the trouble-maker. After she too escapes, Vikki tells Billy that Natalie didn’t really come to apologize – she’s only looking after herself.

In the hallway, Phyllis tells Natalie to stay away from Vikki. I work for NE, Natalie reminds. You also work for me and Billy. Vikki’s smart – she’ll catch you in your lies. So Billy’s playing the woman he loves to steal the program from her family? Don’t think you can hold this over his head, Phyllis warns.

Victor thinks Abby’s being overly sensitive. She doesn’t like him keeping secrets from her; like Adam’s kidnapping. Victor suggests Abby go acquire a new company. Assigning Adam to a project doesn’t mean Abby’s not valued. She must do what’s best for her (so gives Victor a kiss and leaves him to frown)

At the penthouse, Chelsea warns Adam that this could be the battle to end all battles.

Neil’s using you to keep his mind off me – run back to your husband, Hilary snaps. You’re married too, Nikki reminds – and threw yourself at the ex-husband you cheated on. I guess there ARE worse things than being an ex-stripper. On her way out, Nikki tells Neil that Hilary will be thrilled to tell him what that was about. I just made a fool of myself, Hilary whines to Neil – telling her to go back to Victor. Tell me you love me – tell me you love me, Hilary clings to Neil (as Devon arrives)

Chelsea worries that Adam’s alliance with Victor won’t last. He finally cares about me, Adam believes – it feels different. Chelsea IS happy for Adam – but Victor rewards him for lying and scheming. Is that what you want to base your relationship on?