Wednesday, January 27th

Adam doesn’t have Marisa to gather his info – and he was taped to a chair all week. Adam can’t tip his hand or he’ll be roadkill. When Luca gripes about Victor kidnapping Marisa, Adam tells him to leave emotion aside. He just needs more time. Luca tells him to keep the folder.

After Abby goes to take a call, Marisa scolds Noah for being nasty to Abby. But she doesn’t care about what happened to you. Noah DID – he would have turned his Grandpa in. Victor will pay for everything, Marisa says. What does that mean? Noah wonders if Luca’s going after the Newmans. The threat is from the inside, Marisa escapes Noah and his questions when Chelsea takes her to the patio – also wanting answers on what Luca and Adam are up to.

Abby makes a big show about being ever so important at NE. She’s good at her job – THAT’S why Victor made her COO. She gets a text. See? People need me. OK – this is Uncle Jack, but usually, my texts are important business. She comes and goes without Noah making a peep.

Chelsea thinks Adam and Luca both taking down their Fathers is stupid and dangerous. He told me he was done with this stuff. It might be too late to stop them, Marisa warns.

Back in Victor’s office, Vikki scolds Natalie – this nerd act is a joke. You’re a trouble making con artist. When Victor arrives, Vikki suggests finding someone else to finish the project Natalie’s started.

At the station, Dylan shares info with Kevin (who thinks Adam’s bossy but protective kidnapper sounds hot) Maybe it’s not the other investor – lots of people have it in for Victor. It could be someone close to home.

Alone with Billy, Phyllis updates that Natalie’s playing it perfectly – Victor’s eating it up. When he finds out who’s screwed him over it’ll be spectacular. We deserve this. Uh oh – you’re having second thoughts, Phyllis guesses.

Victor wants Natalie to be the one to see her project through. He has an office for her. Natalie would rather work in her hotel room, with a mini bar. Newman employees work at Newman, Vikki sniffs. Permitted to do whatever she’d like, Natalie leaves Vikki to blame this project for putting Billy in the hospital. His bookie did that, Victor disagrees. Vikki’s summoned to GCM re: Billy’s release. Victor has a message for her to convey – Billy is not part of this deal.

Dylan and Kevin brainstorm over a short list of suspects; Ashley, Jack and Phyllis, Nikki Newman (that’s my Mom, Dylan reminds) The one person who would want to stick it to both Victor and Adam is the one person who couldn’t have done it – Billy.

Billy notes that Phyllis has a lot to lose here. Yes, but she won’t lose her dignity or self respect – she’ll take Victor down on her own. Billy’s not content with cheering her on from the sidelines. Let’s take him down.

At the penthouse, Victor reads Luca’s folder (Adam credits neither him or Marisa) Adam would still like to know who kidnapped him and why. Victor’s priorities are taking down the Santori’s then revolutionize the Internet, with Adam at his side. Chelsea arrives oozing sarcasm; that sounds amazing, working side by side with Victor.

This is an exciting new venture, Victor tells Chelsea – then leaves Adam to spend time with his family (AKA face the wrath of Chelsea) She knows of his plan to take Victor down. No, Adam’s working with his Father to oust the Santoris. It’s the truth.

Marisa rejoins Noah – she and Chelsea were just talking about work. Noah guesses that Adam’s betraying Victor; going for the jugular (and Luca’s helping him right?) When Luca appears, Noah threates to make a call and blow his plan sky high.