Friday, January 29th

Sage is grieving! You stuck her in a padded room! Adam shouts. Fairview is a respected hospital, Nick bellows. When Jack calls, Adam says it’s a perfect time to meet. Don’t wait up, he tells Chelsea. He hopes Nick’s right – for Sage’s sake. So do I, Nick sighs (and it left to apologize to Chelsea) He’s doing everything he can to help Sage but fears he’s put her in danger.

Sage doesn’t know what she wants – she just knows she hates Dr Anderson. I need help, she rants and raves about feeling guilty and alone. Dr Shelby asks the therapist and Dr A to step outside. It’s just the tow of us now – tell me what’s really going on.

How is Nick putting Sage in danger? Nick won’t involve her or Adam. Chelsea goes back to whining about Adam; it’s fine – nothing out of the ordinary. As Nikki says, Newman men are full of secrets; how did Nick miss out on that gene. Nick’s not – but thought Adam had put all that behind him. Yoru Father’s love and support isn’t unconditional – there’s always a price to pay, Chelsea concludes.

Adam meets Jack and Phyllis at the club. He’s thrilled to hear Billy’s out and getting a second chance; to Billy, they toast. Jack hopes they have something else to celebrate. With Victor out of town, Adam can set this right – sell the Internet project back to us.

Billy’s happy to be home – he didn’t think he’d see this place again. This isn’t a dream – I’m home, right? It’s real, as real as you and me, Vikki is emotional too – welcome home. Johnny comes in to hug his Dad. Oh the joy.

Billy gives Johnny his car – remember giving me that? It and your sister’s first words helped bring me home. He and Vikki are both puzzled as to how he know Katie said Da Da.

Adam can’t go behind his Dad’s back. It’s Billy’s, Jack persists. You could have invested in it, Adam reminds – he won’t betray his Father to ease Jack’s guilt. He’s glad Billy’s out – but he’ll need to find another way to start over. Jack’s left to wonder if this is about his guilt. Phyllis thinks there are other ways to make amends to Billy. But no more business talk. Let’s take this celebration upstairs.