Friday, January 29th

Dr Shebly DOES think Sage knows what he’s talking about. Dr Shelby’s a surgeon – he has a different perspective; Sage is giving a performance. Why would I fake this? Good question. Sage admits she’s setting a trap – to catch her husband cheating with Dr Anderson. Isn’t it brilliant? Brilliant, Dr Shelby seems to be convinced now,

In the hallway, Dr Anderson tells Nick that Dr Shelby is in with Sage – he’s showing due diligence. Joining them, Dr Shelby agrees that Sage should go to Fairview for treatment; he’ll sign off on it. Dr Anderson tells Nick that the sooner Sage is moved to Fairview, the better.

Dr Anderson assures Nick that he’s doing the right thing. Nick does trust Sandy – Sage will be in good hands. As she goes to check on paperwork, Nick will spend a few minutes with Sage. You have them convinced – you’re going to Fairview. Sage had to convince Dr Shelby – they think I’m nuts. Nick relays his chat with Adam – are you sure this is the right thing. Yes, after we prove this woman’s not fit to treat patients, she’ll be out of our lives forever. OK, Nick agrees.

Chelsea delivers coffee to Adam (in Victor’s office) She doesn’t want to fight. Seeing what Nick and Sage are going through puts things in perspective, but she still thinks Victor has some sort of leverage. She won’t ask Adam to change – she trusts him and doesn’t want to lose him again.

In a suite upstairs, Phyllis undresses Jack, as she hopes his mind’s not on business. Jack can’t wait to rebuild Jabot with Phyllis. They’ll seal the deal in bed.


Vikki fusses over Billy as she puts him to bed – oh how close she came to losing him. I’m here now ~kiss~

Nick worries that Dr Anderson will try to cut Sage off, like she did Sharon. He’s worried – and crazy about Sage (ironic words) Nick will do his part out here. As the therapist and Dr A returns, Sage snaps at Nick, then marches out – I’m ready.

Chelsea relays Nikki’s words – work is like a mistress to Newman men. Not to Adam. Chelsea’s sorry she doubted him. No need ~kiss~ He wants to know how she feels (and so removes her top, closes the door and clears the desk) Chelsea gasps as the portrait of Victor morphs into Adam. Time for a nooner (and a musical interlude)

In bed with Jack, Phyllis strokes a peacefully sleeping Jack’s back, then gets out to look back at him with guilt …. Vikki finds the bed empty – Billy’s downstairs looking out the window when she sidles up behind to embrace him. Billy also looks guilty.

Next: Sage is sick – she might not be coming home for a while, Faith says. Who told you that? Nick wonders. I did, Sharon chirps …. Are you ever going to trust me? Collin barks at Jill at the club (in front of Neil and the Baldwins) You’ve given me a million reasons not to, Jill says … Hilary tells Neil that she couldn’t sign the divorce papers. You’re ready to give Devon a chance? Neil hopes.