Thursday, February 18th

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Noah awakens in a hospital room in GCM. Nick explains that he’s groggy because he was sedated for the flight. Dylan adds that he’s under arrest for the hit and run that almost killed Billy Abbott.

At the club, Adam and Chelsea discuss the pending Noah-bomb that’s bound to go off this morning. Billy and Adam appear to announce their engagement. Congratulations, Adam manages to stammer. Billy’s so happy the past is behind them – we’re rewriting a new chapter of our lives. Adam and Chelsea look uncomfortable as they kiss.

At NE, Paul details waking a Judge up to get an extradition warrant – the Island police chasing Noah (who injured himself falling down an embankment) Victor’s sorry to hear that (not) Paul asks how Victor knew Noah ran Billy over. My God! is all Victor says.

At GCM, Sharon’s frantic for answers – and quickly realizes that Marisa knows exactly what’s going on with her son.

Victor blames the whole debacle on Marisa, Noah’s girlfriend, Luca’s wife, Marco’s ex – she cooked up the whole thing and Victor has proof.

Sharon’s pissed. Noah’s Father and I had no idea Noah was even out of the country – then Dylan tells us he’s here and under arrest!? OUR Noah covered up a crime!? Marisa relays coming back from a walk on their secluded island – to see Noah running. She heard shouting, then nothing. Now, here we are. This is such a mess!

Nick takes exception to Dylan questioning Noah – it’s not a good time. It’s OK, Noah croaks. No, you’re not saying anything without an attorney, Nick orders. Both run to Noah’s side when he doubles over in pain.

Marisa’s evasiveness leads Sharon to think she’s behind it all. As doctors run into Noah’s room, Dylan updates a worried Sharon that Noah’s having some kind of attack. Dr Shelby throws everyone out – let me do my job.

The congratulations are interrupted when Adam gets a text from Marisa – Noah’s been arrested. Wanting them to hear it from him, Adam updates Vikki and Billy that Noah’s been arrested – he was the hit and run driver.

With Noah in surgery, Nick’s glad that Dylan’s gone. Sharon reports that Marisa was there (and slipped out without answering any questions) She knows what’s going on. No, Sharon didn’t mention it to Dylan (she’s not sure it’ll hurt or help Noah) Hit and run isn’t something Noah would do. Oh, by the way – it’s our anniversary.