Wednesday, February 24

Luca can’t just run away – he’ll be seen as a failure. Adam said Victor had other things to deal with – he’s up against something big. Luca wants to stay and be an ally to Victor. Summer and Natalie think that a bad idea. Luca wants to earn victor’s trust – then he won’t need his Father’s approval. But how can I earn Victor’s respect? Luca wonders aloud?

At the club’s bar, Nikki frets about Phyllis (she won’t hear this from me – and she won’t tell Dylan and Paul) She may say something to Victor – we share a bed. Nikki won’t accept what Victor did – he’ll pay for this, for his sake and the sake of Nikki’s self-respect.

Phyllis thinks Victor has arsenic running through his veins. Did he do something worse than keep me from Delia when she had leukemia? Phyllis sniffles. It’s OK, Billy comforts her. As the lights go on, Vikki arrives (alarmed to see Phyllis in Billy’s arms)

The lights still out, Faith blabs that she and Sage took Sully to Adam’s – he calmed Sully down (Dylan doesn’t like the sound of that) As the lights go back on, Sharon and Dylan thank Sage for babysitting. They then briefly discuss Noah. Now alone, Sharon can see that Dylan’s upset. Yes – but not about Noah – he’s upset that she was here alone with Nick.

The lights back on at Summer’s, Natalie leaves her and Luca to chat – is he safe in GC? Luca just needs to stay out of sight until he figures it all out. His only plan is to make Victor trust him. Summer offers to let Luca stay there. What?! Natalie’s not impressed.

Phyllis was confiding with Billy because she’s upset Summer’s working with Victor. Oh – I see – you needed a hug because your daughter makes her own decisions? Your Father made my kids into a spy – he can exploit the rest of his family, but my kid’s off limits, Phyllis says. Getting a text from Jack, Phyllis leaves Vikki to defend her Father – he won’t hurt someone he loves (Summer)

Nikki drops by Victor’s office to say she waited out the storm with Jack – we had a fascinating talk – about Marco Annecelli. I see, Victor mumbles.

Natalie and Summer debate Luca staying. You are a guest, Summer reminds. I’m a hostage, Natalie corrects. Suit yourself. And YOU are gonna fix this door, she barks at Luca as she exits. That leaves Luca to wonder why Summer’s helping him.

Over the whole Phyllis thing, Vikki talks about Summer keeping an eye on Natalie – she’s stalling while looking for other investors. Victor warned Natalie that holding out would be a mistake. She caved and showed him the program. Billy has bigger things on his plate, personal, romantic things (making wedding plans) Billy doesn’t smile as Vikki perches in his lap.

Phyllis joins Jack at the club’s bar. Nikki knows what Victor did – she knows about Marco. No, he didn’t tell her – I did. Phyllis is NOT happy.

Nikki blasts Victor – You found this Marco in a prison in Peru – and used him to terrorize Jack and his wife. That man was here, in our town – acting as Summer’s stepfather, Phyllis husband. She was never in danger, Victor says. She was violated, exploited. What could possibly be worth what you did? YOU, my family! Victor will always protect what’s his.

Victor makes choices no one else is willing to make. Because they’re wrong, twisted – sick, Nikki asks how Marco was a threat. Victor rants about Billy Abbott – he had to go to the Santoris for a loan. You infected HIS family with a drug lord. Jack and Phyllis suffered because you were wrong. Victor says Jack didn’t go to the police because Jack would go to prison. It’ll never be over for Phyllis – Nikki will keep quiet for her sake, but everything has changed. You gonna leave me again or what? Victor brings up Nikki’s drinking. Get out! I’m already gone. I’m sick and tired of everyone complaining about me. YTOU hold this ship together without me – see what happens, Victor shouts to his empty office.

Phyllis can’t believe Jack trusted Nikki and Neil to keep her secret. You had no right! Get out of here! For once respect my wishes and get out of here, Phyllis cries angry tears (as Jack obeys)

Back at TotT, Billy and Vikki make plans for their 4th wedding. They’ll set a date when things calm down. To our romantic future, Vikki toasts. Billy gulps.