Thursday, February 25th

Jack brings flowers to the suite Phyllis spent the night in last night. He’s sorry he told Neil and (inadvertently) Nikki. What Victor did – it happened to US; now and always. Tossing the flowers in the trash, Phyllis snaps – it’s not enough.

Summer comes downstairs to find Luca looking puzzled – what are you doing on Natalie’s computer??

At CL’s, Billy can’t believe the bells and whistles Natalie’s added to her program. Victor must be very eager to launch his game-changing security program. This won’t be the version he gets. Giving Billy a flash drive, Natalie tells him not to lose it. She’ll continue to work on the program (which will go to her partners, Billy and Phyllis)

A baby cries. Christian! Mommy’s coming! Christian!? Where’s my baby? Yes, Sage had the same nightmare (she’s in a straight jacket and unable to get to Christin) I dream about him every night, she weeps in Nick’s arms.

Breakfasting at TofT, Chelsea’s quite – no sense talking about it if Adam’s just going to lie. Victor’s blackmailing you. Denying it just makes Chelsea more angry and scared – it must be bad if you can’t share it with your wife. Trust me with the truth – tell me. OK, I’ll tell you everything, Adam says.

Sage tells Nick about her nightmares – they all end the same. Nick’s OK with canceling today’s meeting. No, it might be the one thing that helps, Sage insists.

Luca stumbled across something very interesting – about Natalie. She’s been texting this number a lot. Only one way to find out who it is. Billy answers. Sorry, wrong number. Hanging up, Luca and Summer wonder why Natalie would be in constant contact with Billy Abbott.

Jack confided in Neil, his sponsor – an example of getting through difficult times. Phyllis knows Jack has OTHER inspirational tales to tell. This wasn’t unintentional – you want this out there, she suspects. Yeah, maybe Jack DID need to get it off his chest. And maybe YOU need to remember you’re not Victor’s only victim! he glares at Phyllis.

Jack’s just as angry at Victor – but he has guilt over his own actions. I killed people to get back here!! Reliving it, thinking what I could have done differently. Phyllis is angry that Jack’s punishing himself for what VICTOR forced him to do.

Summer relays that Vikki and Victor think Natalie’s stalling to try sell to someone else. Luca isn’t surprised that Billy would want back in on the deal. Behind Vikki’s back?! Summer will get answers from Natalie. OK, and Luca will work on Billy.

Back at CL’s, Natalie and Billy realize that Luca knows they’re in contact – not good. Why would Luca hide at Summer’s? He’s kissing up to her. We need to get him out of there. If he’s linked us, he’ll go straight to Victor. Natalie gets a text from Summer – go find out what she knows (while Billy will do the same with Luca)

Adam and Chelsea are ready to leave (to go have a private talk) Arriving with Nick, Sage gushes about how great Adam was with the kids last night – Connor has a great Dad. He seemed a bit off, Nick notes. Forget Adam, we have more important stuff to deal with (Adam watches them from the elevator)