Wednesday, February 24

Dylan’s not happy about coming home to see Sharon cozying up with her ex in front of the fire. He understands she and Nick want to protect Noah – but everyone’s sick of seeing the Newmans get away with everything. Yes, it was an accident – he should have told the police that. There’s consequences – you can’t always avoid punishment. How will it look if he gives a free pass to a family member? Paul wants this in the open and above board. Yes, we can discuss it – better that that you and Nick in front of a fire.

This isn’t like you, Sharon claims she and Nick were just staying warm. Dylan wants the truth – admit there’s still something between you and Nick. Yes, there is – just like there’s something between you and Avery – you and Chelsea. We’re connected. But YOU’re the man who’s never let me down – my husband – my life. Dylan gives Sharon a hug (no smile)

Sage and Nick get into bed – tomorrow will be better, it has to be ~kiss~

Sure Summer and Luca aren’t technically friends, but he did take her seriously about working at NE. She’s seen people try to get out from under Victor’s shadow – gain his approval. For a while, Summer was stuck between two families. Now she needs to protect her family and what’s ours.

Natalie eavesdrops on Vikki and Billy making wedding plans. Now it’s time to go home to the kids. Billy will meet her there. After he walks Vikki out, Billy tells Natalie that Victor’s bragging about threatening her. I’m gonna handle it – and enjoy it, he assures.


Jack drops by Victor’s office. Tequila – Nikki must have been here. Victor scolds him for being careless in telling Nikki. No, even now, he won’t admit he’s wrong. Go away – go save the company Billy destroyed, I have work to do. Jack will go away – what you did won’t. Nikki’s the closest thing you have to a conscience – God help you now.

Spotting Phyllis at the bar, Nikki’s about to walk past when Phyllis tells her to save the pity. What Victor did was unforgivable, Nikki says. Good, Phyllis has no intention of forgiving Victor – payback will be epic.

Next: My Grandpa does not put up with people who are disloyal to him, Summer warns Natalie. I’m looking to screw over Victor Newman, Natalie scoffs … Chelsea – trust me with the truth. OK, I’ll tell you everything, Adam decides…. It’s not enough Jack! Phyllis throws the flowers he brought home into the trash.