Friday, February 26th

At Top of the Tower, Vikki’s, head’s on a swivel as she barely listens to the wedding planner’s babble. My fiance wanted to be here – I wonder what’s keeping him.

In the GCAC dining room, Billy pesters Jack to take Victor down with the evidence Luca compiled. It IS that simple – you were held captive while another man took over your life – your wife! Victor’s not the only one with blood on his hands, Jack shuts Billy up.

Summer informs Phyllis that Natalie’s working with Billy – I must tell Grandpa! No – that’s the last thing you should do, Phyllis disagrees.

Natalie calls Luca out of the shower to spy on Victor (in his office) No – I had no idea Luca hadn’t returned to Madrid, Victor talks into the phone – I don’t know where the hell he is – he violated company policy and is your problem now. Keep him away from GC. Watching, Luca says he can’t go back to Spain now. You can’t stay here either, Natalie warns (as Victor looks suspiciously at the camera) Weird, where’d he go? they wonder.

No secrets! No lies! And you STILL refuse to walk away? We’ll NEVER be free, Chelsea rants. Nikki and I have a plan, Adam says. No! No more plans – just excuses why you have to stay in town. What about what’s best for me and your son? Or do you not even care anymore???

You came for my advice, Phyllis reminds Summer – ignore these text messages. Billy could be learning to hack. There are more important things than trying to please your Grandfather. Accusations like this might ruin things between Vikki and Billy. Summer needs to give Victor a heads up. Oh – the way Victor did for Billy? Stealing his Internet project? Summer wants to prove herself to her Grandpa. Billy could be out for my family. Phyllis is finally forced to admit that she’s working with Billy.

Jack tells Billy that Kelly was delusional. He doesn’t remember how he killed her. I saw her dead body – it had to be me. THAT’S the blood on your hands? And the ship’s crew, Jack adds. He can’t put Phyllis through a media circus. You’re underestimating your wife’s strength and her desire to see Victor suffer. If you don’t give Phyllis the payback she deserves, I will. Billy marches off.

This isn’t about me – Adam wants Newman to be a family business – a legacy for Connor. He might want to be a lawyer, a doctor, an artist – anything but ….. But what? Me? Adam asks. Anything but what you’re becoming – a new version of your Father, Chelsea pouts.

Luca’s not scared of Victor. He thinks Natalie gutsy for going against him (with Billy) She regrets showing him a working version of Passkey. There’s no way out of this deal, she fears. Knock knock – Victor’s at the door.

Back to the penthouse – Adam’s NOT turning into Victor – he’s avoiding that by working with Nikki to force him to give up his crown. Victor’s family is turning against him. But not you, Chelsea yells – you’re desperate for that man’s approval. Adam will not get HER approval as long as he puts Victor’s crown above her and Connor.

As Luca hides, Victor asks Natalie for an update on Passkey. I’ve hit a few snags, she reports and hopes to put him off with technical jargon. How does it work? The program? No – the camera you put in my office.

Still at Top of the Tower, Vikki wants this wedding to be perfect – this time it’ll be forever.