Monday, February 29th

Marco Annacelli, Dad?! Go ahead and explain this one, Vikki tosses the CD on his desk. Victor’s evasive – people tell all sorts of stories about me. And don’t listen to Adam – he’s bitter because I just fired him. Nice spin – I quit! Adam chortles. These are NOT fabrications, Vikki continues – you hired a criminal to take over Jack’s company, his home, his wife – how can you POSSIBLY justify this!?

At the club, Billy wonders where Phyllis is going in such a hurry. She realizes that Billy’s right – Victor won’t pay unless she goes to the police. Today is Victor Newman’s last stand.

At CL’s, Sage is nervous about meeting the pregnant teen. As Nick reassures her, el preggo arrives to give them an equally nervous smile.

At GCM, Ben updates Abby on his meeting at the school – seems Max started the fight. Abby thinks he’s just trying to fit in – it’ll pass. Ben’s not so sure (nor does he know how to help his son)

Seated with Paul and Chris (for dinner at the club) Sharon prattles on in Noah’s defence (though Chris points out that Noah only confessed AFTER fleeing the country) Dylan leans in to whisper that Sharon’s not helping Noah’s cause right now. Chris is sick of the Newman’s bribing or blackmailing their way out of trouble. Adam served NO time for running over Delia – now ‘oh my gosh!’ Judge Moxley is assigned to Noah’s case too.

In their suite, Marisa and Noah continue to take advantage of his bed ridden state.

Chelsea’s summoned Nikki to the penthouse. Your plan to put Adam at the top of the company – I need it to fail.

Vikki won’t let Adam take the high road. You knew and covered it up – you belong in a cell right next to our Father!

Nikki’s decided not to use what she has on Victor to oust him – it’ll hurt too many people. Basically, Adam’s on his own if he wants control of NE. Chelsea’s afraid he will – and it’ll be the end of their marriage.

With a few more parting shots, Adam leaves Victor to say the situation is ‘complex’. Vikki lists all the evidence on the CD – hundreds of photos, payment to Marco’s warden etc. Victor plays his oft-used protection card. Jack may have not been behind Paragon but he unleashed Gabriel Bingham on us. Victor begs of Vikki – don’t let Billy Boy and these people tear us apart. Unfathomably, Vikki seems to consider this.

While Phyllis is going to the station, Jack’s off meeting with Mike – to prepare his defence etc. Billy thinks that brave – but someone else might be taking Victor down as we speak; Vikki will go to the police. She was sickened. Sickened enough to send her Father to jail? Phyllis thinks Vikki’s more likely to be helping him leave town right now.

Across the dining room, Paul fails to referee Chris and Sharon as they bicker about Noah’s actions. Snapping at Dylan, Sharon then declines dessert. I’m too angry to eat! See you at home, she huffs out. As Dylan’s about to follow Sharon out the revolving door, Phyllis stops him – with a serious crime to report.

These are very serious allegations, Paul hopes Phyllis has proof. Not like she’d lie about sleeping with a stranger for months. Ask Jack, or Marisa Sierras. Billy chimes in to say he’s seen the evidence that’s about to come to light. Sharing Phyllis concern that Victor will take off, Chris will head to the office – Paul will question Victor – Dylan’s to go upstairs to talk to Marisa. Phyllis is left with Billy to mutter – it’s done.