Monday, February 29th

Shawn’s invited to ask the Newman’s anything she wants. Nick talks about his kids – everyone gets along great. Faith’s lovely, she loves babies, Sage adds. Why not have our own kid? Sage explains not being able to have children, her miracle pregnancy, and losing Christian. No, this baby won’t be a ‘replacement’ – we want to raise a child together. How did Christian die? He was premature. As she arrives, Sharon’s summoned over and put on the spot – tell Shawn why we’d be good parents.

Dylan finds Marisa and Noah in robes – this isn’t about the accident; it’s about Victor and Jack. Noah knows nothing about that. Well that’s fine, Noah’s not the one Dylan came to talk to.

I was just leaving, Nikki jumps up when Adam returns home to say their deal is officially off. I can’t do it – sorry. You should walk away from Newman. Fair enough, Adam sees Nikki out – then gives Chelsea good news – I’ve done it – turned my back on Victor and NE once and for all. The only thing I care about is you and Connor.

I’m not the villain they make me out to be, Victor says – as Paul arrives; he’s investigating some claims – about Marco Annicelli impersonating Jack – Kelly Andrews kidnapping him. Tell him what nonsense this is, Victor prods Vikki. Sorry, not this time. The accusations are true – here’s the evidence, she hands the disc to Paul.

Abby may not have been a parent or step-parent, but she knows a few great ones. You’re a wonderful Father, Ben – Max will see that in time, and love you, like I do ~kiss~

Sharon gushes to Shawn about what a great Dad Nick is – you won’t find a more loving Father, trust me. Shawn also fell in love with her high school sweetheart – you must have thought it was forever too, since you stayed together so long, right? As Nick and Sharon share an awkward look, Sage looks left out as Shawn states that she really wants her baby to be raised by a solid couple.

Having heard how Marisa helped Jack escape the ship, Dylan says she’s in a position to confirm the allegations against Victor. No worries – Jack won’t be in trouble – anything he did was in self-defence. Oh, Jack’s not the one you’re protecting, Dylan realizes she’s worried about tattling on Noah’s grandpa. Noah won’t protect his grandfather – let’s tell him what we know.

Are you for real? Chelsea’s delighted that Adam’s finally ready to walk away. To Paris? He doesn’t think that necessary – Victor won’t be in a position to meddle in our lives anymore. And instead of taking over his chair, Adam came home to the love of his life ~kiss~

As Paul takes a seat, Vikki denies planning this ‘ambush’ with Billy Boy. This was YOUR doing! she barks. As Nikki arrives, Paul’s in the process of arresting a furious Victor. Nikki telsl Vikki that she found out about the despicable things Victor’s done. As a weakened Victor leans on a chair for support, a concerned Vikki flocks to his side. Raising an eyebrow, Nikki suggests he’s faking it.

Go to the hospital? Nikki sneers – are you trying to buy time? Vikki loosens Victor’s tie as Paul goes to call an ambulance. I can walk, Victor murmurs (as Nikki looks down her nose at him)

Hearing the whole story from Noah and Marisa, Dylan worries how Nikki will take it – and Nick and Vikki. This’ll hurt the whole family, Noah knows. On cue, Nikki calls. He’s in the hospital? Noah pales – I’ll be right there.

Sharon all but rolls her eyes as Sage tells Shawn that she and Nick are stronger for what they’ve endured. Calling a break, Sage takes Shawn outside for air. That leaves Sharon to question Nick – are you sure? Yes, Sage really needs this. What if another baby’s taken from her? Sharon worries. Nick then gets a call – slow down – what’s going on with Dad???

At the club, Phyllis and Billy wonder what’s going on with Victor. It’s finally happening, Phyllis salivates at the thought of justice. Noah and Marisa come down – yes, they told Dylan everything they know. Phyllis wants to celebrate with a drink. Not now, Noah exits. Victor’s in the hospital, Marisa adds quickly as she follows him out.

As Ben goes to looking for info and Paul goes to make some calls, Abby questions Vikki. who’ll explain everything but don’t tell Ben; if he knows how Victor used Kelly, he might not want to save our Father’s life.

Adam and Chelsea hot the sheets.