Tuesday, March 1st

All of you are traitors – you’ll be nothing without me! Get out!! Traitors!!! I mean YOU! Victor jabs his finger at Nikki (the last to leave without a word in response) You turned against me! he shouts at her back. Only Paul in his room, Victor stubbornly says they’ll all find out what life without him is like.

(Sadly, this is not a dream sequence) In a visitation/interrogation room, Summer questions her Grandpa. Mom told me what you did. I don’t believe it. It can’t be possible, right? You’re the one we look up to; my hero. Tell me you didn’t do it. It’s a long story, Victor rambles on about the life he could have lead if he didn’t fall in love with Nikki and have children. He could have walked away from them. Do you wish you had? Summer asks.

Yes, Summer’s read Robert Frost’s poem, The Road Not Taken. I took the one less traveled by, Victor opines that it’s about a man looking back on his life and trying to justify his choices – not blame himself for the mistakes he made. Victor vowed to protect his wife and children – maybe he should have walked away. You think you’d all have been better off without me?

(Oh here we go; a dream sequence) A homeless Nikki comes looking for change in CL’s. Mom! in a cops’ uniform, Dylan quietly hustles her aside. Will this make you go away? An extremely overdressed Sharon holds up some cash ‘take it and leave the rest of us to enjoy your coffee’. Go home to your rich husband, Nikki yelps. Sharon tells Nikki to get a job – people might pay you to keep your clothes ON now. Sharon will have Jack make a donation – and Nikki should take a bath. She’s such a bitch, Nikki seethes. You need to go, Dylan won’t give his Mom money (knowing she’ll buy booze) We’re family, Nikki pleads, but leaves empty-handed.

Mogul Nick’s in Victor’s office ranting at someone over his Bluetooth when his wife Lily sashays in needing a donation for some charity. Nick knows all about charity – he’s got three exes on the payroll, and doesn’t want Lily as his fourth. The Abbott’s pledged a million – can I put you down for two? Lily purrs. Nick will give five if she makes it worth his while. Nikki gets another frosty welcome as Nick gripes about her drinking and bringing men home (men who he had to defend Vikki from when they were just kids) Nick thanks his Mom for showing him everything he didn’t want to be. Lily’s sympathetic (she’s your Mother!) but if she tries to give Nikki money, she can forget Nick’s donation.

There’s an event going on at the GCAC; a well dressed Billy and Vikki bicker about her drinking. Ester arrives with a very young man on her arm – no, she hasn’t heard from Billy’s Mom lately. Paul comes to greet him; the CEO of Jabot. Vikki flounces off to find a more interesting conversation (and eyeballs Ben from across the room) Nikki arrives to not-so-open arms again. You must have heard it was open bar, Vikki also refuses to help her Mother. Paul comes over to say his piece. I need help, Nikki says – find Victor for me. I should have been the woman he wanted me to be, she wails. I just want to tell him I’m sorry, that I love him. Victor’s not coming back to save you, Paul scowl.

Back at the station in realtime; Yes, Grandma’s struggled with her drinking, but she’s strong, Summer declares. I kept her and my family safe, Victor says (just as he promised) My Mom wasn’t a threat to you – she was violated and humiliated. You did THAT for your family? I’M your family, Summer points out. Victor was hoping Phyllis would realize she was with an imposter. It was HER fault!? Summer balks.

Summer becomes increasingly upset – why isn’t her Grandpa sorry? What if Jack replaced YOU with a psychopath who slept in Grandma’s bed!? Maybe we WOULD be better off without you ……

Back in dreamland at the club; Rough night? Abby flirts with Ben at the club’s bar. Introductions are made. ‘Just Abby’ is one beautiful woman. And worth every penny. Oh, you’re a … We can’t all be doctors (poor Abby was orphaned when her parents left – she must escort to maintain her lifestyle) So DR, will you buy me a glass of champagne or take me upstairs? she coos.