Monday, February 29th

Sharon hopes she was helpful with Shawn. Well, you didn’t say much about me but that’s OK, but Sage understands she put Sharon on the spot. As Sharon wishes Sage good luck, Dylan arrives to say that Nick will need his wife – Victor’s facing some prison time. After Sage hurries out, Sharon reminds that Chris doesn’t think Newman’s go to prison. Well, Victor’s family is lining up against him, including Noah.

As the Newman’s gather to wait at GCM, Abby’s astounded by the story Vikki tells her. When Ben finds out Kelly didn’t kill herself, she frets…. When Billy arrives, Vikki talks about the look in her Dad’s eyes when she handed Paul the disc – it’s MY fault he’s here. No, Victor’s here because of what HE did., Billy corrects. As Nick arrives, Ben comes out of Victor’s room. Is he OK? Abby asks as all await the answer.

Cuddling is interrupted by a call from Sage. Adam falters – my Dad’s at the hospital – should I?… Of course, go, Chelsea encourages.

Back at CL’s, Sharon feels bad for Phyllis – and worries about anyone going against Victor. They always live to regret it. Victor’s got no one left on his side to retaliate, Dylan says.

Paul’s on the phone with Chris. Since the media doesn’t know about this yet, perhaps they can do a proper investigation. Also at GCM, Billy tells Phyllis that what Victor’s going through now is worse than rotting in prison (which is what Phyllis wants to happen)

How bad is it? Victor asks weakly as all are gathered around his bed – glaring. Ben says you’re fine, Nikki sneers. Paul’s still out there – waiting to bring you to jail. When Victor blames the Abbott’s, all voice disagreement. Nick points out that he let a criminal near Summer. Her husband’s dead – so’s Courtney, Noah can’t listen to anymore of Victor’s denial. Get out of here – get out!!! Victor rips off the monitoring wires. You think you can do without me!!?? You all will be nothing without me!!


Next: In what might be a cell, Victor recites a poem; The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost, as a montage of his family members flashes beside him.
Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.

My Thoughts: Really Ben? no idea how to help Max? There’s no child psychologist on staff at GCM? Of course there is …. How can the wardrobe department let Nikki wear an ill fitting bra under a light coloured, sheer blouse? She got muffin tops …. Great that Shawn’s invited to ask all sorts of personal questions, but shouldn’t the Newman’s ask a few of their own? Like is Shawn under a doctor’s care? What sex is the baby? Is the Father OK with this adoption? Does he (or Shawn) have any health or addiction issues? What nationality is the Father? It’d be great to have the newest Newman be a surprise Asian (an ethnicity GC is greatly lacking in. Yes, I’m still sore about the disappearance of Jack’s son, Keemo) And considering Shawn’s eating for two, how about offering her a snack? … So – will anyone call upon Judge Moxley to go easy on Victor? Or will Chris manage to have another Judge preside? I’d love to take a look at Lauralee Bell’s contract – her appearances are so random and infrequent. It’s like she calls her folks up every 6 months to say she’s bored and ready to do a scene or two; nothing of great importance or emotion though … As if Vikki telling Paul the accusations against her Dad are nonsense would be taken seriously – she’s lied so many times for him… Oh no; the slightest hint of discord between her and Dylan and Sharon has to start making cow eyes at Nick again? … Shouldn’t Phyllis have sat Summer down to tell her what dear old Gramps did to her? It seems she’ll be the last to know (possibly after reading it on GC Buzz)