Monday, February 15th

Neil convinces Jack that he's sober - then arranges a press conference (as Hilary takes Devon to bed - to convince him that she really does love him) .... When Neville gives Ben Ashley's blood sample, all are stunned - she's pregnant. Ben and a nauseous Abby are unaware that SHE is the one who's expecting ... Luca gets Summer tipsy, then tells Adam he wants in on 'Passkey'. Read more

Friday, February 12th

Summer and Natalie join others on Valentine's Day at the club ... Devon and Hilary celebrate together - causing Neil to get drunk and make a spectacle of himself ... Inspired by a visit from Delia, Billy proposes to Vikki (enlisting a favour from Victor to do so) ... Ben's late getting to the club when Ashley's brought in to GCM (refusing tests) Read more

Thursday, February 11th

Luca realizes that Marisa is with Noah and wastes no time tattling to Adam (thinking he and Victor are being played) .... Billy and Phyllis switch up their plan - to protect Summer and go legit with Natalie's internet project. Read more

Wednesday, February 10th

Jack's suspicion increases (as do Phyllis and Billy's lies) ... Summer gets a new roommate .... Paul tells Dylan to drop the investigation ... Nick lashes out at his Father ... Sage is thrilled to hold Sully again, but has nightmares about Christian .... Reconnecting with Billy, Vikki suggests they remarry. Read more

Tuesday, February 9th

Max catches Ben and Abby in bed ..... Ashley continues to suffer from (and hide) side effects of her treatment ... Fed up of Victor and Vikki bugging her, Natalie bugs Victor's computer - and show Billy and Phyllis the finished program (unfortunately they bump in to a curious Jack at the bottom of the stairs) ... Hilary's turning to Devon - so Neil will turn to booze. Read more

Monday, February 8th

Dr Anderson's dead - and the rest of the answers are locked inside the muddled mind of Patty Williams .... The businessmen continue to jostle for position. .... Chelsea tells Noah to run - and take Marisa with him (which she's more than eager to do) Read more

Friday, February 5th

Adam sends Noah out of town (so Luca can't use him as leverage) Instead, Noah tells Luca that he's staying in town to help bring Victor down .... Sharon tricks Dr Anderson into dropping her guard. Realizing she's Sandy Allen (the girl who was paralyzed after diving into the Newman pool as a teen) Nick and Sharon race to Fairview - to find her laying on the floor (apparently stabbed with a letter opener) Read more

Thursday, February 4th

Paul again has Patty delivered to Fairview - where she runs into Nick and Sage .... Nick tells Sharon everything (which results in her calling Dr Anderson over as soon as he leaves) ... Dr Anderson plays games with Sage's head ... Chelsea's bags are packed - Adam claims he'll now tell her everything ... Noah continues to talk about confessing - then tells Luca that he'll work with him to take Victor down. Read more

Wednesday, February 3rd

Cane and Lily get hot 'n heavy - but can they get past Lily's cheating .... Billy pays Natalie a visit (then hides when Vikki comes to play boss lady) ... Are Kevin and Mariah in the loop, or out? ... Stunned to hear that Noah ran over Billy, Adam won't let him turn himself in to get rid of Luca (who thinks he has the Newmans and Marisa where he wants them) Read more

Tuesday, February 2nd

Much thanks again to Meghan for recapping the show for us! I’ll be back tomorrow 🙂 Chelsea told Adam she had a bad feeling about what he was planning for the Santories and asked him to call it off. Adam told her everythng would be fine. Marisa asked Chelsea if... Read more