Tuesday, March 1st

In this parallel universe, Phyllis is still on a coma. Summer’s at her bedside. There’s red tape and it’s expensive, but I’ll get the money somehow. I love you Mom. The monitor emits the inevitable flat BEEEEEP. Phyllis is dead. Victor’s realtime chat continues – he took risks to save Phyllis’ life. Summer can’t argue that.

Oh wait, she can. Yes, you saved my Mom, but then put her life at risk. Marco could have killed her. My husband died; Noah’s fiance. And what about what you did to Jack?? Do you feel NO remorse, Grandpa? Yet again ignoring the question, Victor talks about getting threats all the time – he handles it without bothering anyone. Yes, everything he does is to protect the family. If you weren’t here you think your kid’s lives would be better or worse? Summer’s really beating a dead horse now.

Billy drags a tipsy Vikki away from Ben. I’ve been patient with you, he hisses – grow up. Your Daddy abandoned you – deal with it. Vikki’s going somewhere where she won’t embarrass Billy. Next thing you know she’s at Top of the Tower; where Luca plays piano – and returns her flirting, then her kiss. On cue, Billy marches in – get away from my wife! He’s not there to ‘watch’, he’s there to wave a gun around.

Back to Victor and Summer – Billy’s not good enough for Vikki, Victor insists. If you think they’d be miserable without your meddling, you technically are what’s holding them together, Summer elicits a chuckle from Victor; who can’t stand that gambler, that alcoholic. I don’t want Billy Boy Abbot to hurt Vikki anymore!

I protect my family, Victor repeats yet again. He does admit to feeling terrible about hurting Noah – but one day he’ll understand I’m trying to protect him from Marisa. What does being a Newman mean to Summer? We’re strong, loyal, we give back, we stick together. Yes – that’s it! Victor agrees – family means everything to him – from the moment, he married Nikki and held his first child in his arms. This need to protect comes from pain; Victor had no family.

Adam and Chelsea arrive dressed in denim (apparently the official fabric of Kansas farmers) Nick’s happy to be meeting his brother for the first time. We’ve all done well without Victor in our lives. Let’s talk about your land in Nebraska. Kansas, Adam corrects. Nick’s done some research – and this is what he’s willing to pay. Chelsea gasps at the figure Nick writes down. Adam didn’t really want to sell, he needs Nick to invest (cause they’re kin) When he refuses Nick’s offer, Chelsea takes Adam outside – this is an incredible opportunity. Think about Connor. As it turns out, Chelsea does indeed want Adam to be like his brother.

Waving a gun in the general direction of Vikki and ‘slimy lounge singer’, Luca, Billy rants ‘n raves about Vikki’s shenanigans. Clearly not worried about being shot, Vikki snarls about Billy being a gambler (and not enough man for her) Adam arrives to try save the day by talking Billy off the ledge – put the gun down and go home to your daughter. Think of what Delia’s life would be like without her Daddy. Adam collapses to the ground when Billy shoots him.

Back we go; Summer knows Grandpa loves his family but sometimes he’s too extreme – the family doesn’t love you for taking the road less travelled right now. Victor concludes that sometimes your children get angry over choices you make – but they’re better off for them.