Tuesday, March 1st

At Top of the Tower, Chelsea sobs over Adam’s dead body. Paul pulls her away as Dylan arrests Billy (who shouts at Vikki – you slut! I was never enough was I!?)

Back again; Of all his children, Victor never expected Vikki to turn on him – she’s the most like me, the most loyal. I adore that girl – she betrayed me. It broke her heart – she loves you, we all do, Summer says. You’re a warrior who slays dragons for us. But you’ve never once said you’re sorry for your mistakes. You never will, will you? Summer leaves.

The chat is over (thankfully) and so is the fantasy. All are gathered at Top of the Tower. Vikki suggests calling a lawyer for Dad. He can do that from jail, Nikki nixes that idea – he’s on his own now. Adam arrives to hear that Victor faked a medical emergency – this is awesome – where the hell is he? Jail – Paul arrested him. Adam’s impressed with Vikki – he thought Victor might convince her to lie for him. Wouldn’t be the first time, Nick’s proud of her too – it can’t have been easy. It WAS easy, and Vikki lists why – Dad shrugged it all off and expected the idiot daughter to cover for him. He thinks he’s getting out of this. I couldn’t let him get away with it – but she still doesn’t feel good abour betraying her Father. Summer marches over chin first – well, you all got what you wanted – no, she didn’t get answers or an apology – but she knows Grandpa’s made our lives better. She hates what her Grandpa did, but he needs us just as much as we need him.

In his cell, Victor recites Robert Frost’s A Road Less Travelled. ‘I took the road less traveled by and that has made all the difference’.


Next: Who’s our new partner? Hello genius, Luca walks into CL’s. Oh hell no, Kevin reacts …. Hilary raises her voice – you’re a little preoccupied with your ex-husband and that whole situation. My personal life has nothing to do with YOU overstepping, Ashley replies (Devon and Neville in their usual positions) … I need to know now Christine, am I going to jail for this? Jack looks worried and Chris not too reassuring.

My Thoughts: The whole concept of ‘Life Without Victor’ falls apart when you consider that Victor wouldn’t have the option of walking away from his wife and kids without paying hefty child support and alimony payments. And even if he did manage to hide out and not pay while still running an International multi-million dollar conglomerate, that doesn’t mean Nikki would become the type of Mother who brings men home to hit on her daughter. Victor’s given Nikki more reason to turn to alcohol than he has the motivation to quit. Back to money, strippers don’t make bad cash – Nikki could have easily put herself through school …. This Life Without Victor was as ridiculous as the Christmas Life without Victor. Being orphaned should have made Victor more compassionate, not used as an excuse for his evil actions. Plus, his only reason for waking Phyllis up was so she’d spill Sharon’s big secret. If Summer’s so easily swayed by a sob story, shy should have paid more attention to her Mother’s. Instead, Summer thinks Victor ‘slays dragons’ – he’s responsible for the slaying of Courtney and Austin (not a dragon, but certainly from the lizard family) …. I wish Victor would stop calling Billy Boy an ‘alcoholic’, or someone would at least call him on it. If Billy’s an alcoholic, the show is being incredibly irresponsible by having the character portrayed as a social drinker (having wine with Phyllis just yesterday) Having lived with an alcoholic for 30+ years. and employing one for 20 (Neil) Victor should know what constitues being an alcoholic.