Wednesday, March 2nd

At the club, Abby’s on the phone with Vikki – Ben doesn’t know about Kelly yet (he’s been at the hospital all night) Tell him … we’re all sorry, Vikki hangs up. Moments after Ben arrives, Phyllis does too – and is met with a barrage of press; care to explain how you didn’t know the man in your bed wasn’t your husband?????

In a suite upstairs, Mike hovers as Jack tries frantically to get Chris to understand that he doesn’t remember much about his escape (or Kelly) Chris needs time to process all the moving parts. Jack needs to know – am I going to prison for this!???

Good – you’re here, Hilary’s brought a few ‘looks’ for Simon to try on for the photo shoot. Simon would rather continue with his work. Hilary insists on a little fashion show. Arriving with Devon, Ashley quips – he’s not a show pony. We need to get to work – you (Hilary) should go.

At CL’s, Natalie and Mariah butt heads. You and Ms Happypants are in, Natalie insists. Kevin hopes the new partner’s cool with that. Who is the new partner???? There’s our genius, Luca walks in. Aw hell no, Kevin scowls and shakes his head.

Meeting Vikki at Top of the Tower, Billy confirms he didn’t say anything to the reporters on his way in. YOU didn’t do this – Victor did. I gave the police the evidence – what if he beats the charges? If Victor beats the charges and comes back, there’ll be hell to pay, she whines.

This is for the good of the company. As head of the company, Ashley doesn’t want the research slowed down. Maybe this isn’t the time, Devon chimes in. Simon agrees – he’s busy. I’m in charge of PR, Hilary snaps. Devon again tries to defuse – let’s talk about it. Why NOT now? Hilary knows Ashley’s preoccupied with her ex husband’s situation. My personal life has nothing to do with you overstepping, Ashley barks. The only one to notice Ashley looking weak, Simon takes her to the office. That woman is impossible, Hilary’s left to huff to Devon. In the office, Ashley declares Hilary ‘impossible’. Simon takes her pulse and calms her down with his oh so hilarious humour <---that's humor for you in the US) This is a private club, you're not welcome, Ben herds the press out - then sympathizes with Phyllis (who appreciates it - she didn't know what to expect from him ...) When Abby abruptly cuts (and sends) her off, Ben wonders what was Phyllis about to say? What doesn't Abby want him to know? Back upstairs, Chris can't make Jack any promises - you could be facing extradition. Wanting to spend some time with Phyllis, Jack appreciates not having to battle the media to get to the station. Mike appreciates it too - his client is drained. Jack never meant to hurt or kill anyone - this has been eating him up. Maybe he can make amends somehow. As Chris gets a call about the boat explosion, Mike warns Jack to let him make the statements from now on. Ending her call, Chris is stunned - you are NOT going to believe this. Natalie explains that bringing Luca onboard was Billy's idea. He's a very shrewd, clever, businessman, Luca gushes. You're a walking 'screw you' to Victor - but Kevin accepts that. Yes, he too has an agreement with Natalie - a long-standing one. You don't have a problem with that do you, partner? After Natalie leaves, Luca asks what it'll take to buy Kevin and Mariah out. Back at Top of the Tower, Vikki continues to whine about betraying and hurting her Father. HE did this - he PUT you in this position, Billy reminds - and NE is all yours - it's your time to shine (and make it a profitable company) Vikki manages a smile. Chris stuns Jack and Mike - the death toll on the boat is zero. The crew swam to shore - a rich American paid them all to stay in hiding. It was all a lie - the deaths never happened. Jack's furious that Victor lied and held fake deaths over his head. But there's still Kelly. Yes, she held me captive. You're the victim - this is self-defence, Chris says. Mike concludes that Jack's free and clear.