Wednesday, March 2nd

This is going to be hard for you to hear, Abby gently tells Ben about Kelly – she kidnapped Jack while he was on his honeymoon – so Marco could take his place. Ben’s stunned – Kelly died – we went to get her ashes. She wanted you to think that. Ben wants to get Kelly a therapist – and a lawyer. She doesn’t need those things, Abby says. Jack killed my sister? Ben is obviously upset.

Someone will have to take the reigns, Vikki agrees – but Adam will swoop back in. You can take him, Billy knows what she’s capable of – NE deserves you. And with Vikki in charge, there can be peace between Jabot and NE. Life is sunshine and puppy dogs. Until Natalie then marches in – what’s our next move? Oh, she’s not talking to Vikki, she’s talking to her new boss – Billy. *Awkward*

We need to be strategic – this is about momentum, Hilary barks at Devon. Simon comes out joking about to say he’s going out for food. If you have something to camouflage mustard …. Hilary’s glared makes him decide to forego the hotdog. Hilary’s left to gripe about Devon not backing her up. You need to meet Ashley have way – finesse this. Giving Hilary a kiss, Devon leaves her to flashback to Ashley declaring this an ambush. Walking into the office, Hilary finds Ashley asleep at her desk (and picks up the bottle of meds in front of her)

Now in the suite and updated, Phyllis is even MORE pissed at Victor – let’s add to the charges. Chris will charge Victor with what she can, but he’s covered his bases. Mike adds that these charges are out of their jurisdiction. Justice IS Chris’ priority; Victor WILL pay. Jack and Mike assure Phyllis it’ll happen. She then relays her encounter with Abby and Ben (who may not know) Do NOT talk to Dr Rayburn, Mike orders Jack. He deserves to hear it from me – Kelly deserves that much, Jack argues.

Those ashes – those pictures from the morgue – Kelly faked that!? Where’s she even buried? Does anyone know or care? Jack broke her heart, her spirit, then he killed her! This is all on Jack! On cue, Jack and Phyllis appear.

Seated with Luca, Kevin brags that he’s the one who discovered Natalie – he won’t be bought out of a deal he created. We’re not? Mariah wonders how much REAL money. No thanks, Kevin repeats. Does Billy know you’re in on this? Kevin doesn’t know why Luca was brought it. He appreciates my contributions – Billy and I work well together. Luca clearly wants out – and Kevin won’t be pushed out – do your worst.

Back in the suite, Mike warns Chris how salacious this case will be – and what dirty tricks Victor will pull. Phyllis is important to Mike – Victor must pay for what he did. No, he doesn’t doubt Chris – you’re a fighter – but be prepared for anything.

Ben jumps up to confront Jack; who’s sorry and never meant to hurt Kelly. How’d it happen? What did you do to her? I can’t tell you that, Jack says. As Ben lunges, Phyllis explains – he doesn’t know, he was drugged and tied up! Kelly witheld water and told him I was dead. Jack didn’t know what was real. My sister was real, Ben isses. Did Abby tell you who put all this into motion? Phyllis tells him what his father in law did. Victor might even have killed Kelly. Jack doubts that – Victor didn’t want me to escape. Jack’s sorry – your sister deserved a lot more than she got. Ben suddenly exits for work, leaving Abby calling his name.

Hey! Hey! What is wrong with you? Hilary awakens Ashley (who had a late night). You afraid I’ll find these? (she has the pills) Why would Ashley be afraid of that? I’m having some headaches. You’re not the boss here, you’re a patient, Hilary knows. Ashley hopes she won’t tell anyone. Hilary won’t tell a soul. Yes – you owe me, that’s why you’ll step down and let me take over the company.

How sick are you? Hilary mocks – Sick enough that you’re taking experimental drugs. You should have stepped down a long time ago but your ego wouldn’t let you. How about YOUR ego? Ashley retaliates – you were my brothers assistant a year ago. You’re disgusting for trying to blackmail me. I’m smart, strong and healthy – capable of doing the job you can’t, Hilary snipes. Like hell, Ashley argues. The argument ends when Devon and Simon return. Is everything OK? Yes, we came to a new understanding, Hilary smirks.

How is Billy your boss? Victor fired me, Natalie tells Vikki. Luca made it sound like Jabot hiring me was public knowledge. He was the original investor and now he’s back in the game. He’s always in the game, Vikki snarls. Billy tells Natalie that it’s time she go – this is awkward. Thanks. After Natalie leaves, Billy explains that he couldn’t walk away from the project. Victor snaked this deal from me. As Victor always says, it’s just business.

At GCM, Ben’s already in a foul mood when Abby shows up with Max. The school called her. There was another fight!? What is wrong with you!? Both are taken aback by Ben’s anger.