Wednesday, March 2nd

At the club’s bar, Jack apologizes to Phyllis for not being with her when she told the police. Billy was with me, Phyllis doesn’t like the press being so invasive. To prove her point, a reporter accosts Chris at the bottom of the stairs. No comment, she says. You can do better than that – tell them how you’re gonna take Victor down, Phyllis stands to challenge her.

Luca doesn’t want anyone to get hurt. After he leaves, Mariah worries what he means by that. Mike arrives to be grilled on whether Victor will go to prison – or will he free to get revenge on those who’ve wronged him. Mike can’t offer any reassurance if they’ve done something that might bite them in the butt. Victor’s lost the people he can usually count it – it’s Victor against the world, It could break him, or it could raise him to new levels of megalomania.

Billy’s wanted the project from day one – Jabot needs it. Vikki wishes he mentioned it. Victor fired Natalie – Billy took advantage of that. But it’s not an act of vengeance. It’s a smart business move, Vikki agrees with a smile. Jabot has no plans to exploit NE, Billy promises. Vikki hopes they can bring the Newman’s and Abbott’s together.

At the revolving door, Chris does indeed have a comment – Victor Newman stands accused of heinous crimes. He’s corrupted personal and business relationships in the most despicable way possible. The State will not back down. No amount of money or pull will save Victor for this conviction. I’ll get justice for all his victims, including Ms Abbott. Satisfied? she tosses over her shoulder at Phyllis as she exits. The press ordered to leave, Phyllis continues to rail against Victor – she wants him to suffer. I had sex with a man who’s not my husband! If you don’t think Victor deserves to suffer for that, I don’t know you all!

Ben’s pissed. Is this who you are? The kid who gets sent home for fighting? I have enough on my plate…. Abby interrupts – the other kid was just as much to blame … Ben continues barking until Max runs off. Ben follows. Then Abby.

Back at the lab, Devon asks about this new understanding. You do the honours, Hilary smiles – and is delighted when Ashley announces that she’s stepping down and wants Hilary to take her place.


Next: Why are the cops involved? Ben asks. Because a teacher’s obligated to report it if they suspect a child’s being mistreated at home, Dylan explians … Shawn is having an ultrasound at GCM. It’s OK if you wanna look, Nick says. Both a nervous Shawn and Sage look at the monitor…. How can you keep me out of jail? Marisa asks Noah. We’ll just have to get married, he says.

My Thoughts: How did Max suddenly go from hating Abby enough to fantasize about pushing her down stairs to clinging to her her arm for dear life like GCM’s a war zone they’re trying to escape …Um – It’s not exactly the first time Phyllis has ‘had sex with a man who’s not her husband’ – far from it – it’s just the first time she wasn’t willingly committing adultery…. Line of the Day also goes to Phyllis; when was the last time Christine did her job properly? The last time? When was the first time? Phyllis should consider herself lucky that Chris is such a crappy lawyer; otherwise, she’d have gone to prison for running her and Paul over …. Did it really matter who actually handed the police the CD of evidence on Victor? If Vikki hadn’t passed it to him, Paul would have just picked it up off Victor’s desk. It’s not even like it’s the only copy in existence (I’d hope) .. We get it, Natalie’s socially awkward – but is she also completely devoid of manners? And doesn’t know that interrupting someone’s dinner is rude? Plus, you’d think Top of the Tower wouldn’t let a woman’s, a millionaire who’s name is on the side of the building, have a private dinner with her husband interrupted by any geek who plods in off the street. Anything above a diner has a ‘please wait to be seated’ sign. Even Swiss Chalet has a hostess.