Thursday, March 3rd

Apologies. No time for extras like proofreading or spellcheck today.

At CL’s, Nick’s on his tablet; the caption under Victor’s photo reads ‘FAKE’. Sage just hopes all this doesn’t scare off their baby-mamma. Shawn drops by on her way to an ultrasound – wanna sit in? Accepting, Sage is left to wonder why Nick didn’t even say hello – are you in this or not?

At Sharon’s, Noah doesn’t think he’s much better than Grandpa (who’ll lawyer up and get off) Dylan arrives to say that ain’t so – the case is pretty airtight. So was the case against me, Noah reminds – then declares Marisa innocent; she doesn’t deserve to go to jail for helping me.

At the club, Phyllis is buying Marisa lunch (for corroborating Jack’s self-defence story) When Mike joins the ladies, he’s asked to represent Marisa (who’s only concern is Noah) Oh, he won’t spend a second behind bars, Mike and Phyllis agree – his last name’s Newman.

As Max runs down GCM’s hallways, Ben stops to fret – what did I do? As he gets paged, Abby’s left to find Max.

In the lab, Devon and Simon object to the announcement that Ashley’s stepping down – there’s no reason. There is, Hilary beams – will she tell them or will Ashley???

On the patio, Nick and Sage butt heads over what Sharon said to Shawn yesterday. She gave us a glowing endorsement. No – she gave YOU a glowing endorsement. Yes, she did make me look bad, Sage insists. Nick worries this won’t pan out. Sage knows it will – we were meant to have this baby.

As Noah watches Sully sleep, Sharon doesn’t want him to compare himself for Victor, or sacrifice himself for Marisa. Dylan’s impressed with the way Noah’s stepping up – it’s up to the Judge, but he will do what he can for Marisa. After Noah exits, Dylan gives Sharon a kiss – oh how lucky he is.

Humour a pregnant woman, Abby gets Max to sit down. Your Dad’s not mad at you; he got bad news about his sister (how she died) Getting no more details, Max hates being treated like a kid. Don’t act like one then, Abby’s happy when Max thinks her not so dumb after all. Ben joins them to apologize for yelling. Ignoring his Dad, Max asks Abby to take him back to school to face his punishment. Abby’s just happy that Max is calling her by name now.

Ashley’s been struggling with the flu. That’s not the only reason, Hilary prods. Right – Ashley wants to spend time with her pregnant daughter, and then there’s this ordeal with Victor. Ashley’s handing the reigns over to the capable and clever Hilary. I’ll be taking over your office – you can use mine until you leave. In the office, Devon suspects. As Ashley packs her things, Simon questions her; you’re not stepping down, you’re running scared (while a suspicious Devon does the same with Hilary)

Updated that Hilary found Ashley sleeping at her desk, Simon’s stopped from going to tell her that he’s sorry he saved her life. No, Ashley thinks the project should be headed by someone in better health – the treatment’s not working is it?