Thursday, March 3rd

Devon knows Hilary’s been angling to take Ashley’s place. Yes, she want’s to protect Devon’s investment and save lives. When Abby arrives, she knows Hilary’s edged her Mom out. No – go – ask her, Hilary invites.

Of course Dylan doesn’t want Noah to go to jail – he’s sorry for being stubborn. Sharon’s sorry too. Dylan feels adoration for Sharon and her kids; they’re my family and family comes first. Sharon cuts him off with a kiss (which is then cut off by Sully crying) Asked to drop them at GCM for Sully’s shots, Dylan will do better than that; he’ll attend the appointment.

Mike and Phyllis know that the Newman’s will get Noah off the hook – but that won’t help Marisa. She helped Jack, we must help her, Phyllis says. As Marisa runs off to meet Noah at the door, Phyllis asks Mike to defend Victor.

Mike’s represented Jack, he may represent Marisa – and we’re friends; Victor wouldn’t want me to represent him. And why does Phyllis want that anyway?

Upstairs, Marisa tells Noah that Mike says he won’t go to jail. Yes, his family’s probably arranged that; it’s Marisa he worries about. There’s no guarantee you’ll go free. There’s only one thing left to do. Run, Marisa assumes.

At GCM, Nick and Sage bump into Sharon and Dylan (with Sully) When Shawn arrives, she’s introduced to Dylan (and Sully) Was labour hard? Shawn asks. It was complicated, but Sully has a Mom and Dad who lives him. Just like your baby will have Nick as a wonderful Father. And Sage will be a great Mom, Dylan adds (then is called to the station) Sharon left alone, Shawn likens her to a single Mom – that must suck. You won’t have to go through that, Sage smiles.

You’re my patient, partner, and a fellow scientist – you know we just need to find the right chemical balance, Simon implores. Don’t give up! I just need more time! I don’t HAVE more time! Ashley would give up everything for another year; another month. I’m scared, she gives Simon a weepy hug – as a worried Abby walks in.

You’re quitting? I left Newman so we could work together, Abby reminds. Ashley’s not quitting – what’s done is done. Simon adds that Hilary is Devon’s wife – and they need his money for research. All filing out when Ashley goes to give Hilary keys to the office, they find the lab empty. Lord and Lady Hamilton are probably off celebrating, Abby quips.

Lady Hamilton is indeed celebrating, at Top of the Tower – what shall we drink to? Don’t be a downer, she tells a morose Devon (who feels like he’s dancing on Ashley’s grave) She’s not dying, she’s getting out of the way – whose side are you on? Neil and Ashley couldn’t handle the heat, I can, Hilary says. Devon again wants to know what she said to Ashley.

Back at GCM, Dylan tells Ben that he and Paul looked over the statements – Jack acted in self-defence. He then says there was a call from Max’s school. Why are the cops involved? (Ben assumes it’s regarding the schoolyard fight) A teacher’s obligated to report suspicions of a child being mistreated at home, Dylan replies.

As Shawn and Sage go in ahead, Nick worries to Sharon that the adoption process is going to fast. Sharon thinks it might be best for everyone, and when Sage pokes her head out to say they’re ready, Nick plods in (not encouraged when Sharon tells him it might be his first glimpse at his baby)

Sage and Shawn both encourage Nick to take a look at the baby on the monitor. Do you want to know the sex? the tech asks? Shawn leaves that up to Mrs Newmans. It’s a boy, Sage looks alarmed when Nick tells Shawn that it’s OK to take a look.

Mistreated?! Yes, Dylan has to ask Ben – have you ever verbally or physically … ? No! Never! Not even when you found out Kelly? Ben may have raised his voice but he’s never laid his hand on Max – ask him, ask Abby. Social services are interviewing Max right now. Ben wants to see his kid. You can’t until the investigation’s done – get a lawyer, Dylan advises.

After what Victor did to Jack and Phyllis, Mike doesn’t understand why Phyllis would want him acquitted. Who said anything about getting him acquitted? Phyllis hisses.