Friday, March 4th

In Victor’s office, Nikki coaches/encourages her flustered daughter – let the world know that Victor has fallen but the company won’t. On cue, Victor walks in to bark about Vikki trying to steal his company. Get out of the chair. I have work to do!

At the club, Mike balks – you’re asking me to give up my career, betray everything I believe in. Make sure Victor gets what he deserves, Phyllis is adamant. Jack strolls over to say that’s not the way to handle it. It’s the ONLY way, Phyllis won’t budge.

As Max is taken to be examined by a doctor, Dylan introduces himself to Sarah from Child Protective Services. He understands the procedure, but he’s known Dr Rayburn for years; it’s a misunderstanding. Sarah replies with ‘you never really know what’s going on inside another person’s home’.

At the lab, Ben updates Abby – the teacher and social worker think I’m a danger to my kid. I don’t when or if I’ll get Max back.

Do you want this baby? Or do you want this to fall apart? Still at GCM, Sage wonders why Nick would tell Shawn to look at the ultrasound and ask her if she’s sure she doesn’t want the photo. Nick just wants to be sensitive. Sage worries Shawn might change her mind. I want this baby! Nick gives his weepy wife a hug.

Nick wants this baby too – we’re in this together 100%. Sage is sorry she doubted Nick – it’s been an emotional day; hearing our baby’s heartbeat. We’re close to having out little boy again. When Shawn comes back for her forgotten purse, Sage invites her out for lunch. As they file out, Nick looks concerned.

At the lab, Abby reassures Ben, then hovers as he gets a call from Dylan. Dr Whistler in pediatrics is checking Max over. He’s good, Ben’s somewhat relieved – and understands that in such cases, the child’s safety comes first. The charges must be proven false. You need to get a lawyer, Ben’s told again.

Back at the club, Phyllis insists Mike is the lawyer to trust (she doesn’t trust Chris to win – she’ll play by the book) We need someone as dirty as Victor. Mike won’t leave himself open to a lawsuit, or lose his career. Jack now announces that Victor made bail – a million bucks. See? (This just adds gas to the fire that is Phyllis) But no, Mike won’t do it.

Vikki’s been in charge while Victor was in jail. That’s as close as you’ll get, Victor doesn’t reward traitors. I was fed to the wolves! What was she supposed to do? Nikki sniffs. Vikki loves her Dad – but you hurt people; Jack, Phyllis, Ben. Jack and Phyllis are obnoxious! Victor’s incredulous – Are you serious!? Nikki’s indignant when Victor compares Vikki to the traitorous Adam. I have to get to work, Victor barks. Nope – we’re gathering the board of directors to have you thrown out of Newman! Vikki announces.

At CL’s, Sage tells Shawn about all the kids stuff the club puts on – their baby’s favourite place will be the ranch. As Shawn goes to the bathroom, Sage chides Nick for not talking up the ranch. Nick doesn’t think Shawn needs a hard sell – she already picked us. Sage just wants to give Shawn reasons not to change her mind.

Victor bellows from behind his desk – I put more family members on the board and this is the thanks I get? Turning my own flesh and blood against me!? I will not be removed as heaad of this company!!!!! Nikki doesn’t think Victor can run the company from prison. You’re just predators! That’s all you are! Victor shouts as Vikki and Nikki leave.