Thursday, March 3rd

In their suite, Noah agrees that their brief time on vacation was nice but it wasn’t real life – we can’t run. Marisa says they just need to do it right – fake passports etc. She can have it arranged in 24 hours. You love me because I’m not the run away kinda guy – I’m the guy who makes you feel safe. But how can Noah keep Marisa out of jail? By marrying her.

Abby thinks Ben’s summoned her to GCM about her Mom stepping down. No, Max told his teacher he’s being mistreated – social services is keeping me away from my kid! What?! Abby gives him a hug.

Simon threatens to walk if Ashley leaves – Hilary can have the lab, he’ll work from a motel room again. You’d do that for me? Yes. Give me what I really want – make me better so we can take this bitch down together.

Ashley wants to spend quality time with her family, be a grandmother, Hilary insists. Devon would like to spend quality time with his wife. Tonight, Hilary will give Devon all the quality he can handle ~kiss~

Joining Sharon, Dylan hears that Sully took his needles well. It’s his parents that need a hug, Sharon gives her hubby one.

Now dressed, Shawn gives Nick and Sage the ultrasound photo. After she leaves, Sage gripes about Nick telling Shawn to look at the baby – do you want her to change her mind!?


Noah’s not proposing to keep Marisa out of jail, he’s proposing because he loves her. We can’t be forced to testify against each other – that’s a bonus. Marisa wishes she could say yes, but she’s still married to someone else.

Throw the case? Take a dive? Mike knew, but needed Phyllis to say the words (hoping she couldn’t) – to know exactly what she’s asking of him. Phyllis has no trouble saying the words – she wants Mike to get Victor to trust him, then to use every skill he has to blow the case – make sure Victor sees another blue sky the rest of his loathsome life.

Next: I’ve had it with your reckless attitude, Jack says. You’re not the only one who’s had it, Phyllis stands. Wait, Jack stands to stop her from leaving … I’m scared I may lose my son. Will you please help me? Ben (with Abby) appeals to Mike … Get out of the chair.I have work to do, Victor growls at Vikki (who looks across the desk at Nikki)

My Thoughts: Really? Ben, who was serving his country not so long ago, can’t outrun his punk kid? So just lets him run around the halls of a hospital? And instead lets his pregnant wife, who’s no doubt in heels, run after him? Do Ben’s lab coat and stethoscope weigh him down? Well done Max. Enjoy being bounced around foster homes instead of your rich parents who for some reason want you … Nick’s right – Sage is foolish to pin her hopes on this teen Mom. Why wouldn’t they have some sort of legal documents drawn up? Put her in a fancy suite and throw some cash at her? Or even just offer her a ride to the hospital (do they know if she’s driving or taking the bus?) … If Phyllis had gone to prison like she deserved, she’d know that you get time in the yard. Victor won’t be deprived of seeing blue skies. In fact, per tomorrow’s preview, he’ll be enjoying one tomorrow… How did Ashley not fall out of her dress while sleeping on her desk yesterday? Her outfit is more suited to a cocktail party than doing research in a lab.