Monday, March 7th

In Victor’s office, cheerleading team-of-one Summer’s all about supporting Victor – this family, this company needs you, she thinks she can sway the family.

At the club, and reading the news online, Phyllis thinks Judge Moxley a freakshow – Billy thinks her a strong woman. And Victor won’t be able to use her. Jack arrives to announce that Jabot’s revenue projections are through the roof. Why isn’t he happier? Because apparently, a lot’s been going on behind his back.

Ashley and Simon are at GCM waiting for test results. Ben comes along to update that social services backed off; hopefully, Max is coming around.

At CL’s, Abby’s trying (and failing) to entice Max into skating or sledding. Video games? No – not like Abby’s any competition. What would make you happy? she wonders.

Devon and Hilary are at the lab. You were amazing last night, he praises. Hilary can be amazing right now – time to Christen her new office. Their make-out session on the sofa is interrupted when Neil turns on the lights.

Scowling at his laptop, Victor doesn’t understand why Jabot’s projected revenue have skyrocketed. Summer thinks it coincidence. When Vikki enters, Victor asks her to knock next time; this is no longer your office. The vote is going forward, she informs. See Summer? You can’t sway the family, Victor grumbles. I’ll always love you, Vikki asks for forgiveness. Victor raises his voice – you turn me in to the cops and Jabot’s making money – you don’t know why that is???

Jabot’s about to introduce a ground-breaking internet privacy project – and Jack, the CEO, doesn’t know anything about it. On cue, Natalie arrives. Phyllis knows that Jack’s been busy with his project with Neil (helping recovering addicts) She and Billy don’t know how the news got out. Natalie has no idea either. A smug Luca appears – you can thank me later.

As Ben’s called off to work, Simon brings Ashley her results – and they aren’t good. Instead of jokes, Simon promises to develop a protocol that works. I’m brilliant and you have too much to live for (a grandbaby and kicking Hilary to the curb)

We love you. I love you, Abby pleads for a chance. Not buying it, Max runs off. Standing to go after him, Abby experiences a sharp pain. Max, please, I need you, she gasps (as Max stands watching her)

Get my phone and call 911! Abby groans. Max hesitates a moment then runs inside CL’s.

Neil’s puzzled – this is Ashley’s office. Buttoning her blouse, Hilary lists the reasons why Ashley stepped down. And you jumped right in (and onto the couch) Neil obviously disapproves. Hilary leaves Neil to grill Devon – are you really gonna let her get away with this?

Back at NE, Victor gives Vikki grief for Jabot getting their hands on his project. Natalie didn’t deliver to him – but now Jabot’s ready to launch? It seems too convenient to Victor. Summer steps in to say it wasn’t Vikki’s fault – Billy was in touch with Natalie behind our backs. She couldn’t tell Victor because her Mom told her not to. Neither Vikki or Victor are too happy. I’ll be damned.

Back at the club, Jack’s not impressed with the ‘conspiracy’ (or Luca and Natalie) You hijacked this project from Victor! It was stolen from Billy, Phyllis reminds – it’s where it belongs. She then excuses herself to take a call from Summer. Jack’s left to lambast Billy for trying to stick it to Victor; we all know how well that worked out last time (Paragon)

So Hilary goes from being Dr Neville’s lab rat to running the company, Neil scoffs. She’s proven herself, Devon counters. Yeah, Neil saw her ‘proving herself’ just now. This was Ashley’s decision, Devon claims – Hilary’s committed to the project. She saved your drunken press conference, he reminds. Neil concludes that Hilary gets what she wants by jumping on that couch over there. Sure seems like the old Hilary to me.