Tuesday, March 8th

At the penthouse, Chelsea’s giving Sage a bunch of baby clothes. She’s thrilled for her and Nick – you deserve a happy ending. Why does Sage seem ‘off’? What’s bothering you?

On the patio, Nikki tries to convince Nick to go back to Newman – and get Victor out. He knows how he’s going to vote.

At the club, Vikki won’t let Billy joke this off. If Billy didn’t hire Natalie, someone would of. But someone didn’t plan this behind my back all along, she points out.

Paul’s gushing over Sully at CL’s. Sharon’s amazed that he didn’t cry while getting his needle. They notice Dylan’s distracted (watching Nikki) Paul worries about her too. Sharon doesn’t – she knew what she was getting herself into (marrying Victor – over and over)

At Top of the Tower, Jack and Victor face off. He’ll grind Jack into the dust. Phyllis is a barracuda. Mike holds Jack back. Neil puts a hand on Victor.

Yes, Victor DOES want people to get hurt – starting with HER (Phyllis) Victor leaves. Yes, Mike heard the threat. Phyllis wants Victor locked up. Jack has a move to make against him. Then DO IT! Phyllis snaps.

Sage confides that she’s worried the birth Mother will change her mind, and she’ll lose another baby. Sage also wonder if Nick wants this baby as much as she does. You married Nick Newman – he’s born to be a Dad, Chelsea encourages. He couldn’t live a lie – that’s Adam’s style, she laughs. It USED to be his style – Adam’s now distancing himself from Newman. Yes, they’re trying to recruit Nick, Sage pouts.

Nick’s decided not to vote for or against Victor – he’s abstaining (and focusing on the adoption)

Jack’s call interrupts Paul chatting to Dylan and Sharon. You need to lock Victor up. He’s out of control!

Vikki knows Billy’s lying (per the conversation Summer had with Phyllis) Billy had every intention of walking away – but Phyllis already had the ball rolling when he was released from the hospital. She went out on a limb for me. I couldn’t throw her to the wolves. Billy offers to split the deal with Vikki. It’s not about money, she walks away.

Back at the Towers, Lauren stands by as Phyllis tells Mike that Victor’s a rabid animal who needs to be put down – stopped – killed. Lauren agrees; Victor needs to be held accountable. Mike won’t do that by betraying his profession. Mike’s stunned when even Jack agrees that Victor needs to be stopped by any means possible.

Neil’s in Victor’s office when Paul and Dylan arrive – we need to talk. Ohhh – looks who’s here, Victor eyeballs Nikki (who’s betrayed him again)