Monday, March 21st

After Nick takes Faith back to Sharon’s, Shawn notes that Nick was distracted – and hopes it’s not because she’s there. Sage reassures her – we’re all in this together.

Neil thanks the Baldwins for coming – Mike must be busy with Victor’s case. Luca asks Summer about Mike (Jack’s friend) representing Victor. Luca finds Summer fascinating. She finds that cute (but isn’t buying it)

Luca’s a fool and Vikki’s a fool if she’s threatened by him. He’s using Summer – she took him to the gala tonight. Victor’s not concerned. Vikki wants to work together against Luca. If you need an ally, go to Adam (the only one capable of running Newman in his absence) Hopefully he changes his mind and comes back to NE before it’s too late.

Jack wants to believe that Phyllis is backing away – but he can’t fully trust her and Billy. After Neville takes Ashley home, Jack leaves yet another ‘call me’ message for Phyllis.

Billy now reminisces about them running Restless Style – it’s better to work together. Billy understands her hatred for Victor better than anyone. He has no shame or apologies. The fire dying, Billy’s about to go more wood when they tumble over – and into a kiss!

OMG, Phyllis stands. Billy too – I’m sorry. Let’s never talk about this. Let’s go to the club – now. We can walk or get a cab, both head for the door – to find an officer there. A tow truck’s on its way – your brother’s been worried about you two.

Back at the club, Luca assumes Jack’s impressed that Phyllis has convinced Mike to throw Victor’s case. Jack tells him to keep his mouth shut.

Mike and Lauren have drinks at Top of the Tower. He’s not sure he’s a good enough liar to pull this off. Lauren hopes so – if Victor ever found out….. He’d annihilate me, Mike knows.

Go to hell Dad! Viki’s pissed that Victor wants Adam in charge at NE. Y I love you – but I hate seeing you in here. Go! Victor orders. You won’t win in court! Why did I come here to try work things out with you?! I’ll never be that stupid again! she storms out.

Shawn reaches for her belly – it’s just Braxton Hicks contractions. We’re going to the hospital right now! Sage leaps into action.

At the lab, Neville takes a blood sample from Ashley. She wonders what the results will say this time. Not knowing is torture, Neville says – death by a thousand cuts. He’d love to be able to say the words Ashley wants to hear.

In a suite upstairs, Hilary’s still moaning about a seat on the board. She wants to be the remarkable wife Devon deserves. Kay expected big things from you. All the town knows is that we cheated on Neil. Hilary wants to make a difference – and the whole world to see it. I’m gonna run this town, she says as she hugs Devon (he looks worried)

Arriving at the club, Phyllis and Billy are immediately pounced upon by Luca (who mentions Phyllis’ plan to have Mike lose) Jack appears to remind Luca he was to keep his mouth shut. This is the last time you speak of this, to ANYONE. When Summer comes along, Luca says he has to leave – he’ll make it up to her. That leaves Billy to say Mike tanking the case is a brilliant idea. Enough about Victor, Jack wants to know what Billy and Phyllis have been doing.

Shawn’s in a hospital bed at GCM. Sage is alarmed to hear she’s being released – you should stay here. Is that what you think Nick? Shawn asks as Nick arrives.

Back at Top of the Tower, Lauren wants Mike to make Victor pay. If I’m caught? Don’t be. Maybe disbarment wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world – Mike could go in another direction. Maybe our adventure is just beginning, Mike knows nothing can hurt them – not even Victor.

Luca goes to Victor to blab that Mike’s throwing his case. Who all knows? Victor wonders. Jack, Phyllis, Billy. See? I can be useful, Luca says.

Phyllis updates Jack that Billy now owns Kay’s house. They couldn’t get cell reception and the power went out. Billy leaves, thanking Phyllis for coming to check out the house. Summer bounces over to say she’s leaving – things got weird at the end. Luca was asking a lot of questions about you and Mike, and then he cancelled our plans. Now alone, Jack doesn’t want to talk about the gala – I want to talk about my brother.