Monday, March 21st

As Billy enters his suite, Vikki follows him – I just needed to see you.

The doctor said I can go (Shawn’s eager to leave. Sage wants her to stay for one night’s observation) Nick takes her into the hall – what happened with Christian isn’t what’s going on here. OK, Sage agrees – she just worries so much about the baby ~hug~

Hilary wears a devious smile as she sips champagne in her suite.

Downstairs, Devon asks Neil for a favour – don’t put Hilary on the foundation board. But she wants one badly, Neil says. Yes, that’s why Devon doesn’t want her to get it.

Neville says the test results are super duper good. You’re in recovery – it worked. OMG! Ashley gives him a weepy hug – and then a passionate kiss.

Vikki complains to Billy about Victor – he’s trying to pit me against Adam. If he gets acquitted …. Why are you here? Billy has to ask. Vikki can’t just shut off her feelings. This is a mistake, she heads for the door. I’ll be fine. Vikki, please, Billy doesn’t follow when she leaves.

How’s Billy doing? Jack wonders. He’s making a new start – not holding hope for Vikki – being realistic. A seat on the board would give him something to focus on. Phyllis wants good things for Billy. You’re a good sister in law – Billy’s lucky, and so am I, Jack gives Phyllis a hug.

Victor claims he already knew about Mike. It’s a trap – that’s how you plan to go free, Luca realizes. Victor tells the punk to leave Summer alone. You just betrayed who you’re working for, Jack Abbot. Get out you two faced sonofabitch!


Next: Dylan looks puzzled – It’s about the day Sully was born in Fairview. What about it? Paul asks…. If anyone changes their testimony it could all fall apart, Vikki worries. You think I’ll be the one to cave? Nikki looks frustrated …. Adam visits Victor – I think there’s a way you can avoid this trial.

My Thoughts: Lauren’s identity doesn’t revolve around her Father’s company? Puh-lease! The company is named Fenmore’s – and her son is named Fenmore. Her and her son’s identity revolve around Neil Fenmore’s company….. I didn’t think Jack knew that Mike had agreed to throw the trail for Phyllis. And of course Billy thinks it a great idea. If they wanted to keep the plan secret, perhaps everyone should stop talking about it in public … Why is Victor allowed to have visitors whenever he wants? Isn’t there set visiting times? … With half a billion in the bank, Nick could easily hire a nurse to take care of Shawn (in another apartment in the building) …. If Billy really wanted Vikki, why wouldn’t he follow her out the door? Surely he’s not that smitten with his sister in law? Do we need yet another woman bouncing between siblings?