Tuesday, March 22nd

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In the visiting room, Victor chats with his guard (about Summer being his only support and that his lawyer will visit soon to plan his defence – the trial starts tomorrow)

At the club, Phyllis understands if Mike wants to back out. No – Mike won’t let Victor escape justice. Summer’s testimony won’t damage the case against him – but as for the rest; one shaky Newman could destroy their plan.

At Top of the Tower, Vikki wants a family meeting before Victor’s trial – we can’t let Dad be turned loose with a vengeance. And you think I’ll be the one to cave? Nikki’s insulted.

Chris drops by the penthouse to see her star witness, Adam. He’s in Chicago, Chelsea claims (and is surprised when Adam walks in.

When Nick invites Sage out to breakfast, Sage immediately invites Shawn. Nick politely explains that he wants to spend some alone time with his wife. Shawn’s fine with that – enjoy.

Sharon’s dreaming about holding a newborn. Something’s wrong. She unwraps the baby blanket – to reveal no baby! It was just a dream, she reassures Dylan. What was it about? he wonders.

Nikki has no intention of crumbling on the stand – and she won’t be tempted to drink. What makes this time different? Vikki worries. Because Nikki’s fighting for the Victor she loved and married – fighting to get him back. It’ll be hard to condemn him, Vikki warns. Yes, Nikki agrees – maybe hardest for you.

Who might crumble? Phyllis wonders. Adam – Mike (and knows Chris will worry about him too) And unlike Summer, he can sway the jury. Adam’s all about Chelsea and Connor, Phyllis doubts he’ll get involved (but is left alone to worry)

Adam finished his business sooner than expected. Chris asks if Adam’s testifying at his Father’s trial tomorrow. Yes, he’ll be there; knows his testimony is important in putting Victor behind bars. He won’t waver. Chris warns him not to give Mike an opening. Chelsea also reassures Chris – the last thing Adam wants is to get sucked back in by his Father. After Chris leaves, neither Chelsea or Adam look confident.

At the jailhouse, Mike goes over his strategy one more time; he’ll undermine Chris’ witnesses. He’ll turn each of Victor’s family members around one by one; force them to acknowledge what a great father/husband you are and that everything you’ve done is for family. Victor wonders why Mike’s so sure he can get him off.

At the club, Sage agrees – their lives shouldn’t revolve around the baby – the adoption could fall through. But when Shawn was taken to the hospital, Sage realizes she was way beyond concerned. Nick agrees – but hovering is having the opposite of the desired effect. Sage promises to do better. Nick’s so good with Shawn. Yes, because he’s raised teenagers. We all must be open and honest.

At the penthouse, Shawn comes across cans of paint marked ‘nursery’. Oh look – a paint brush!

Adam won’t get sucked back in – or be one of Victor’s minions. Chelsea rewards him with a kiss, then runs out to meet Sharon. I love that woman, Adam exclaims to himself with a grin.

Sharon relays her dream to Dylan; it was the day she was handed Sully and thought ‘he doesn’t look the way Noah looked when he was newborn’. Inside the blankets, there was no baby at all. It was all a haze. Dylan thinks it anxiety (caused by him joining the force) OMG – speaking of work, Sharon’s late for her first day of work with Chelsea (out of bed she jumps)