Tuesday, March 22nd

Having seen Chelsea leave, Phyllis appears at the penthouse. There’s something we need to talk about – alone, she marches in past Adam.

At the club, Chelsea drops by Nick and Sage’s table – her job offer still stands. Sage surprises Nick by accepting. And as she follows Chelsea for the meeting with Sharon, Nick gets a text message that puts a scowl on his face.

Back in lockdown, Mike’s confident because he’s a former DA; it gives him the edge. Victor has more questions – if Mike’s going to get him off, has he told anyone else about his confidence? You can get another attorney, Mike says. Victor doesn’t need one – he knows Mike’s capable – and he must prove his innocence to the judge and jury.

Vikki knows her Father will never forgive her; it’s a hard reality to face. I’ll never be able to lean on him again. Victor won’t leave things to chance, Nikki hints he’ll do whatever he must to win this trial. Nick and Noah come along to agree. Victor could throw anything at them. They all basically make a pact not to let Victor divide them (when they take the stand) As Noah tells a long-winded story, Chris is pleased to find the Newmans all together.

Phyllis wants to ensure that Adam won’t take Victor’s side. He’s alone. Everyone’s testifying against him except for YOUR daughter, Adam reminds – Victor’s going to prison. But will prison time satisfy you? Adam wonders. Don’t you want to see him hurt and humiliated?

Will Victor going to prison end things for Phyllis? No – Phyllis describes the pain and humiliation Victor caused. Yes, she wants him to suffer. What will cripple him more than prison? Losing his family. THAT’S what Phyllis is after.

At CL’s, Paul and Dylan chat about Victor’s trial. Mike’s a brilliant attorney. Be prepared for anything and everything. Let’s start with chain of evidence…. Dylan has an off topic question. Relaying Sharon’s anxious dreams, he wonders … If there’s more to it? Paul finishes.

Meeting with Sage and Sharon, Chelsea needs to find new office space – away from the Newman building. Sharon shows Chelsea a contractor’s website. Sage listens as Chelsea talks about holding her newborn – everything just came together. Sharon felt that way with Noah and Faith. And Sully too? Sage assumes. Sharon squirms.

Adam visits Victor – Phyllis is suffering from what you did to her. Breaks my heart, Victor chortles. Adam then claims he may have a way to get Victor out of this trial.

Chris wonders why the Newmans are assembled at Top of the Tower. Vikki wanted to ensure we maintain a united front tomorrow. We won’t let Victor get away with it. Just ask your questions – we’ll answer honestly, Nick assures Chris. What about Adam? He’s just as committed to bringing his Father to justice as you all are, Chris assures.

How can Victor avoid a trial? Plead guilty and accept the sentence, Adam suggests. The evidence alone will convict you. Adam doesn’t want to see Victor humiliated before the family. Someone will break ranks, Victor’s sure. Adam asks him to think about what taking the stand will do to the family. Adam DOES care – he doesn’t want to see Victor humiliated. Avoid that and spare the family – plead guilty. Victor will – on one condition.

Sage and Nick come home to boast about Sage’s new job. And what has Shawn been up to? Painting the nursery. You should have asked, Nick isn’t happy. Did I do something wrong? Shawn wonders. Sage says she hasn’t been completely honest. Sit down.

Back at CL’s, Dylan thinks back to Fairview – it all got wrapped up so neatly. He didn’t get any answers. Paul wants to hear what’s on his mind. Dylan can’t shake images out of his head – Patty rocking a stuffed cat singing lullabies – Sharon giving birth to Sully – then these dreams she’s having. Paul says that Dr Anderson’s murder overshadowed the birth of your child. No wonder Sharon’s having nightmares. On cue, Sharon appears to say she had a fabulous first day at work. After Paul leaves, Sharon admits she thought about her dream. Dylan’s been thinking about it too.

Sharon had complete faith in Dr Anderson when she put Sully in her arms – but it’s all fuzzy. Dr Anderson was obsessed with Nick – but she did some good (like Sully) Dylan adds. But Sharon feels her dreams tell her Sully doesn’t exist. He’s real, he’s amazing, he’s ours, Dylan tells Sharon not to worry ~hug~ Both look worried.