Tuesday, March 22nd

Sage tells Shawn that she has leftover anxiety she’s transferring to her. Shawn feels she caused all this – judging Sage; putting more pressure on her. I don’t know how to do this. Sage doesn’t either, but as Nick says, let’s be honest. They intended to paint the nursery when they were sure they’d get the baby. Honestly, Shawn couldn’t think of better parents for her baby. Oh, and it’s a mess up there. Sage goes upstairs to help Shawn. I’ll be up in a sec, Nick lingers.

Still at Top of the Towers, Vikki ends a business call. Sitting as if the weight of the world is on her shoulders, she breaks into tears.

Chris arrives at the club on the phone with Paul; she feels ready for this trial. Love you. Hanging up, she’s unsettled at the sight of Mike hissing with Phyllis – Victor’s on to me. He’s up to something. Chris looks most interested.

Victor will plead guilty if Adam takes control of Newman. You’re more qualified than Vikki. You’re as ruthless as I am – you make the tough decisions if need be. Adam reaches across the table to take his Father’s hand. As Adam leaves, Victor repeats – he’ll plead guilty if Adam takes over the company.


Next: Luca shows up at Marisa’s door. I’m not here about Victor. I’m her to give you a gift … I’m your Mother. How could you betray me like this? Phyllis and Summer are both emotional…. There may not be a trial. My fate may already be settled, Victor tells Mike.

My Thoughts: The Newman’s plan to paint the nursery with on paint brush? Not even rollers? I’m sure Shawn laid a rap down to protect the carpet upstairs. Wouldn’t a multi-millionaire just hire painters? … I know I whine about it all the time, but why is there no concierge desk or security posted in the lobby or gatehouse at the 2 million dollar a penthouse building? Even government housing buildings have a locked door visitors need to buzz for access … Line of the day goes to Dylan; ‘I’m no shrink’ – no kidding. He once took cover when a metal food tray clattered onto the floor. Despite not being a shrink, he goes on to diagnose Sharon with anxiety; a mental disorder … Sharon looked great today. And how wonderful that she had a fabulous ‘first day at work’. I guess that’s because it was a 20 minute meeting at the GCAC not exactly a real 9-5 day’s work.