Wednesday, March 23rd

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Getting a visit from his gung-ho lawyer, Victor surprises Mike by saying there might not be a trial.

No, Adam didn’t sleep last night. Talk to me, Chelsea encourages. Adam relays his predicament – somehow the future of the Newman family rests in his hands.

Joining the family at Top of the Tower, Abby and Noah apologize for being late – they stopped by Dad’s office – is this the day Dad’s portrait comes down for good?

Luca shows up at Marisa’s suite – with a gift she’ll like; signed divorce papers.

At the club, Phyllis is hyped about watching Victor go down today. Summer comes along – don’t pretend you don’t all want Victor behind bars. Prepare yourself, nothing can help Victor now. Summer’s suspicious – do you all know something I don’t?

Victor relays (to Mike) the offer he made Adam – if he agrees the whole thing will be settled. Mike may not have to lift a finger to see that justice is done.

Nikki wants to focus on getting through this day before redecorating Victor’s office. The portrait is a symbol; all agree. Nikki thinks too many people have been hurt over that damn portrait. So we replace it with yours? Abby then turns on Vikki. Nick reminds that this is a support meeting. Nikki tells Abby to stick to the truth and make it quick – don’t look at Dad – look at us. Where’s Adam? they then wonder.

No, you DON’T have to take Victor’s offer, Chelsea’s upset – he always gets his claws into you. Adam claims he’s not thrilled about running NE, but Victor would be out of the picture. Victor’s manipulating you, Chelsea doesn’t want him sucked back in.

If Adam chooses the path for which he’s ordained, Victor will plead guilty and accept his sentence. Mike wants more details. Victor knows Adam; knows what he’ll do.

Adam understands Chelsea’s concerns – but we can get justice for Jack without risking Victor avoiding prison. This isn’t about Jack – this is about you not being able to leave NE. You want to run it. Adam admits he does. If you go through with this deal, you’ll be the person sending your Father to prison. Can you live with that? You’re so smart, Adam doesn’t think it’ll come that – I’ll tell you in the car – come on.