Wednesday, March 23rd

Summer demands answers. Victor’s my grandfather. You wanna know what’s going on? We’re thrilled Victor’s day or reckoning is here, Phyllis raises her voice – maybe you should skip the trial. Summer can’t, she testifying. How could you? I’m your Mother. How could you betray me like this? Phyllis is in tears.

Wishing Chris luck, Paul heads inside. Lauren’s next – she hopes this trial won’t affect their friendship. It won’t (though Chris is surprised Mike’s defending Victor)

Mike joins the Newmans at TotT to say that Victor pitched Adam a deal. Adam arrives (with Chelsea) to announce that Victor will plead guilty if he takes the reigns at Newman. What’s his strategy? Nikki wonders. Anything’s possible but he sounded sincere, Adam wants to know the Newmans what they think about it. He’s willing to take the job to put Victor away if that’s what they want – say the word.

Summer didn’t volunteer, she was subpoenaed. But doesn’t want to get out of it – she’ll tell the truth. All leave Phyllis to talk privately with her daughter (and basically tell her she needs to take a side; people you love have been scarred forever) You’re giving him a pass AND helping him escape. She then throws out Austin and Courtney. That’s not grandpa’s fault – Harding killed them, Summer argues. Phyllis then bluntly tells Summer how she felt sharing intimate moments with a stranger. Remember that when you tell the world what a wonderful grandpa you have.

Marisa’s skeptical – this is too easy. Luca only wants Marisa to be happy. Just be careful with the Newmans.

Back at Top of the Tower, the Newmans wonder what Victor’s up to – and what’s Adam up to? (which annoys Adam) Adam’s trying to get the family through this the easiest way. Vikki guesses Adam’s motive – you want to spare Dad the pain of us testifying against him.

Paul visits Victor – no, he hasn’t heard anything from the family. Are you expecting a last minute reprieve? No, Victor expects justice to be done.

Vikki approves the devil’s bargain, I’ll step aside. Nick disagrees. He and Nikki wonder if Adam’s willing to risk losing Chelsea. Don’t pretend to care – it’s insulting. You’re just afraid Victor will have something to do with the company. He wants to call the shots from prison. Adam denies that’ll happen. But OK, the Newman family has spoken. Mike, tell my Father no deal.