Wednesday, March 23rd

Back at the club, Luca finds Summer pouting over her Mom’s harsh words – she’s in a lot of pain. My grandpa destroyed her. Summer wants him to answer for everything – but not go through it all alone. Luca praises Summer’s wonderful heart. Stand up and become your own person. Luca granted Marisa the divorce. What changed his mind? You, Luca says (he didn’t want to disappoint Summer) Someday you’ll make someone really happy, Summer assures him.

Nikki exits to make a call. Nick’s left to chat with Vikki – still bummed about turning her Father in. Nick turned Dad into the fed years ago. You did the right thing. Yes, he’ll forgive you. No matter what, he’ll always love you.

Joining Jack and Billy outside the courtroom, Phyllis tells Cricket not to let Victor get to her. Aside, Lauren tells Mike that Chris seemed suspicious of him representing Victor. No, Mike doesn’t still want to do this, but he can’t back out now. Mike pauses to tell Chris that he hopes the correct verdict is reached today. He’s alarmed to find Victor in an orange jumpsuit instead of his suit. Adam took the deal to the family. They think you’ll be convicted. Not with the great Michael Baldwin in my corner, Victor’s ominous.

The Newman’s arrive. Safety in numbers, Billy quips. Abby’s glad she doesn’t have to pick a side to sit on today. Billy takes Vikki aside – how you holding up? He’s proud of her. Walk you in? No, Vikki will stick with her family. As all file inside, Marisa arrives to update Noah that Luca signed the divorce papers. As both agree he has an ulterior motive, Luca appears with Summer on his arm. He wants to marry into your family, Marisa thinks. Noah laughs – who the hell would want to be a Newman right now? All seated, Victor turns to look at is family.


Chris makes her opening statement – today Victor Newman is held accountable. I will prove today that his greatest title is ‘criminal’.

This man conspired to kidnap Jack Abbott and replaced him with a convicted felon – allowing him to take over his life while Jack was being held by an unstable woman, Kelly Andrews. Victor does not feel sorry, he feels justified – he’ll claim everything he does protects his family. Yet his daughter turned him in. One by one, the Newman family will tell you about Victor’s obsession with winning. So neat and tidy, Mike stands to talk about the threat Victor faced with Paragon attacking business. He was acting in self-defence. Phyllis stands – that’s a lie – you’d do anything to silence the competition, including letting my husband die!

Next: I don’t know you, Nikki simpers on the stand…. What he did was wrong (Noah) immoral (Nick) sickening (Vikki) criminal (Adam)…… Phyllis screeches as she lunges out of the witness stand to try get at Victor.