Thursday, March 24th

Due to an ice storm we’re currently experiencing, I lost my satellite signal numerous times. Having watched three airings in bits and pieces, I’m just glad to be done!

As Mike claims Victor was acting in self-defence against Paragon, an emotional Phyllis stands to say her husband had nothing to do with it – he almost died! The Judge won’t stand for any outbursts. Mike continues – he’ll prove his client was justified and the jury will vote to acquit. As Mike sits down, Victor complains. Trust me, I’ve got this, Mike assures. That makes two of us, Victor replies.

When the Judge calls a recess, Victor refuses to change into the suit Mike brought him (and hints that he’s withholding something) As Lauren gives Mike a supportive kiss, Summer hurriedly leaves to handle something. Nick stops Luca from following her – hurt my daughter and I’ll hurt you. Adam and Chelsea wonder why Mike’s opening was so lacklustre – there’s no hope for Victor if he keeps this up.

In the visiting room, Summer appeals to Victor – give me one reason why I should believe in you. Where’s this coming from? Victor wonders – and why now?

Summer wonders if she should have abandoned Victor like the rest of the family. She now realizes how badly he devastated her Mom. Defending the family and company isn’t an acceptable excuse this time. Your Mother wants to turn you against me, Victor reminds her of Paragon (created by Jack he thought) Watch your Mother, she’s about to spin out of control.
Meanwhile, Jack scolds Phyllis for her outburst – you could sabotage your own cause.

NOW you worry about my Mom? Victor tells Summer that Phyllis once rented a car to run over Chris. She had Adam kidnapped. Yes, Victor’s sure. Why didn’t you have her arrested then? Summer wonders. Yes, Victor didn’t because he felt guilty about Marco. Phyllis is in a dangerous state of mind, he warns.