Thursday, March 24th

Chris has Marisa testify that Marco must have had help. Victor bribed the warden and paid Marco to impersonate Jack. She’s leading the witness, Victor wonders why Mike doesn’t object – and is further concerned when Mike doesn’t cross-examine her (you could tear her to shreds!). Paul now identifies a photo of Victor outside the Peruvian prison with Marco and the warden. Mike gets Paul to admit that he didn’t go to Peru to check out the story – never met the warden. Now Jack takes the stand to say he wasn’t behind Paragon (or a threat to NE or Victor’s family) He’s a sadist – he had me kidnapped and held hostage. Jack didn’t go to the police because of the explosion. The crew he thought he killed were bribed to disappear. Victor asks about the deranged woman who’s heart he broke. Jack relays Kelly mistreating him. He was starved and drugged. One morning he woke up and she was dead. He assumed he was responsible. Even Kelly’s brother isn’t pressing charges. Victor grumbles when Mike again declines cross-examination (part of his strategy) Next – Phyllis…..

Chris has Phyllis list the differences she ignored at first, then attributed to Jack’s concussion. Marco started his mascarade on her honeymoon – she found out later that the man in her bed was a sick criminal; he was having intercourse with me! He violated me repeatedly, she cries. That man didn’t lift a finger to stop it! I hate you for what you did to me, she glares at Victor. You sit there smugly with your arms crossed. My sweet daughter believes your lies. Screeching, Phyllis is escorted from the courtroom. Victor demands Mike put Phyllis back on the stand to admit she resurrected Paragon. Mike warns Victor he’ll look like a monster.

In the hallway, Phyllis cries to Summer – I can’t believe you’re defending him. Grandpa’s made mistakes but I’m worried about YOU right now. Please just go, Phyllis is left alone (Summer goes back into the courtroom)

In turn, Adam, Nick, Abby, Noah, Vikki take the stand to say that what Victor did was wrong, immoral, criminal. Nick doesn’t think it self-defence. Adam thinks Victor may have handled things differently if he didn’t think Jack was behind Paragon. Yes, Vikki was the one who turned her Father into the police. It’s the hardest thing she’s had to do in her life – but Victor asked her to lie to the Chief of police, a lifelong friend. Adam again – his relationship with Victor? Complicated. He enjoys keeping me off balance. He turns to the jury to say he’s disgusted by what Victor did to Jack. Angry, Victor calls him a pathological liar. You’re behind ALL of this! Nick’s lead to tell his Dad not to make his family an excuse to hurt people again. You put us all in danger – people we loved were killed. It has to stop. Billy comforts/hugs Phyllis in the hallway – he’s brainwashed my daughter! I was so weak on the stand! Tension mounts as Nikki’s called to the stand. Victor glares at her.