Friday, March 25th

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Victor announces that he’s firing his lawyer and representing himself. The Judge thinks that ill-advised. Chris thinks it madness. Angry, Victor blames Phyllis for this plot to undermine him. Ask her husband or my ‘lawyer’ Mike. The Judge sends everyone out except for the defence and prosecution.

Paul ushers the mumbling crowd out. Disappointed in her Mom, Summer’s lead out by Luca. This is all your doing – you couldn’t wait to tip him off! Jack blasts Luca (who says he couldn’t lie – it’s not honourable) YOU told Victor, Mike accuses. You believe me don’t you Summer? Luca pouts. Running off, she doesn’t know what to believe anymore. Mike tells Luca to leave town – no one will ever trust you again. Listen to who’s talking – it’ll be a miracle if you’re not disbarred, Luca leaves Mike to tell Phyllis – he might be right. Jack and Billy reassure Phyllis – it’s not your fault. Phyllis won’t give up until Victor gets what’s coming to him.

Before the Judge, Paul and Chris listen as Victor denies he wants a mistrial. Cautioned it’s a bad idea, but given permission to represent himself, Victor’s sure the jury and his accusers will know he’s no fool.

Alone in the courtroom, Chris tells Phyllis that the thought has crossed her mind that she sabotaged the case. Don’t make Mike a scapegoat, she pleads. Go easy on him. Chris is pissed – Victor just need to convince one juror that he’s innocent – you just made that a helluva lot easier.

In the hallway, Jack regrets signing off on this plan – he’s taking Phyllis off on vacation. Billy thinks she needs to see this through to the end – for closure (just as he needed to see Adam admit to what he did) This is the only way Phyllis will get over this. As for Vikki, Billy says she’s her Father’s daughter – some things you just can’t forget.

At Top of the Tower, the Newmans have a powwow. All feel like traitors. We’re supposed to be the family everyone envies. It’s not all on Dad, Vikki says – we all did this.

Victor thinks he can win over his family and the jury. Summer doesn’t know what to think anymore. Listen to the testimony, make up your own mind. You’re the only one who’s come to visit me – Victor won’t forget that. Stay away from Luca. You and I have each other – that’s all we have – never forget that, he concludes.

Nikki thought their testimony against him would shock Victor into changing. Can we still be there for him? Try to love him through it? As Nick steps aside to take a call from Sage, Nikki looks at the vodka behind the bar.

At CL’s, Adam doesn’t regret not taking Victor’s deal – he doesn’t belong at NE. Chelsea’s proud that he’s finally done it – you’re free of Victor. Yes, and Adam credits Chelsea’s support. Unlike Victor, I’m not alone.

At the GCAC, Vikki joins Billy at the bar. No, he wasn’t part of the scheme to throw Victor’s case (he found out after it was underway) You didn’t come to me – didn’t try to stop it, Vikki points out. The plan blew up and now Victor’s going to push all our buttons. Nothing Victor can do or say changes the truth. Billy thinks Vikki one of the bravest, smartest people he knows.

In the hallway, Jack tells Phyllis that Billy convinced him not to take her away on vacation. You need to face down victor – then one day you can maybe forgive. What if Phyllis isn’t interested in forgiveness. Chris comes out with a word of advice – brace yourself – Victor’s calling Phyllis first to the stand for cross-examination.

On the patio, Luca doesn’t care what anyone else thinks except Summer. She wants the truth – did you know what Mike and my Mom were planning then run over to tell Victor? Yes – Luca thought Victor deserves a fair trial. Now he has a chance against those fighting dirty. Noah appears with Marisa – not believing Luca was helping Victor. You wanted something. Phone beeps alert that the trial’s restarting.