Thursday, March 24th

Chris asks Nikki about Victor and Jack’s feud. It’s gone on decades. Jack’s no Saint but he wasn’t behind Paragon (and wouldn’t deserve this if he was) Mike objects, and again when Nikki’s asked about bending and breaking the law. Nikki would like to answer – my husband is a famous man. He’s had scrapes with the law. He’d say others resent his success. The real reason? Victor has no respect for authority. Yes, without question, Victor’s broken the law; he serves as judge jury and executioner. You could have legally refused tt testify against your husband, Chris points out. Actions have consequences, Nikki looks at Victor – I don’t know you anymore. Mike won’t cross, but reserves the right to recall (Victor’s not happy) The State rests – the Judge takes a short break before hearing from the defence. After all file out, Victor thinks Mike’s strategy stinks. He doesn’t want Summer put on the stand and writes Mike a note.

In the hallway, Luca charms Summer; he has big broad shoulders for her to rest her head on.

As Mike’s told to call his first witness, he turns to Victor – are you sure about this? Positive, Victor says – and doesn’t give a damn that Mike doesn’t like it. Mike recalls Luca Santori. I understand you have information the jury should know – what is that? Luca knows that Mike’s throwing this case. All are stunned.

As Nikki swipes tears in the hallway, Phyllis joins her to say she heard she was a force to be reckoned with on the stand. Taking Nikki’s hand, Phyllis will not forget her standing up to Victor today.


Billy steps out – things are blowing up in here. Nikki and Phyllis run in as the Judge tells Luca that these are serious allegations. He overheard a conversation between Mike and his wife – he colluded with his friend to ensure Mr Newman gets convicted. Yes, Luca knows perjury’s a crime. Victor interrupts Mike – he has no choice but to fire his counsel immediately. I now know what his ‘strategy’ is. You could lose your license, the Judge tells Mike – then must give Victor time to find another attorney. Court is adjourned until next Monday. Victor doesn’t need another lawyer or a postponement – as my first witness, I call Victor Newman. All are astonished.

Next: Luca has Summer at his side – what was I supposed to do – lie? That’s against the law and certainly not honourable. You’re lying right now, Mike argues (as all watch on) … Brace yourselves, Victor’s calling you back to the stand, Chris informs Jack and Phyllis … Are you ready? Paul asks Victor. More than ready, he answers with confidence.