Friday, March 25th

Her phone beeping, Vikki leaves for court – see you there, she tells Billy.

Back at CL’s, Adam and Chelsea head back to court also.

At Top of the Tower, Nikki’s made her way to the bar and gulps a glass of vodka. We’ve gotta go Mom, Nick calls out. OK, Nikki grabs her purse and follows.

Paul goes to get Victor – you ready? Now in a suit, Victor confidentially assures he’s more than ready.

Court reconvened, Victor recalls Mrs Phyllis Abbott to the stand. Victor’s not accusing Phyllis of anything – but wants her to talk about when they worked together to capture a common enemy; Ian Ward. Phyllis knew Victor would stop at nothing, like her. Jack’s turn – my wife suffers every day because of you. How does that affect your life? Jack nearly died – he’s now stronger. Your scheme with Mike to send me to prison, was that any less nefarious of what you accuse me of. Aren’t we somewhat alike? Victor leads Summer in saying he’s the best person to run the company. He now brings up Phyllis being in a coma – who was the one person who didn’t give up on her? Jack? Billy? No – you found and paid the doctor. Victor now has Abby admit that he was the only one who believed in her as Newman’s COO. You voted against me at the board meeting. I’m sorry, Abby sniffles. Victor won’t upset Abby – she’s carrying his grandchild. Nick reports feeling a stranger at Newman. Who helped you when you were accused of murdering Matt Clark? You – and Nick will always be grateful. So grateful that you’re trying to send me to prison for the rest of my life!?

Victor has Nikki kindly tell the jury what kind of life she lead when they first met. Nikki thinks the whole town knows how Victor took her from a strip club and gave her a glamorous life. She loved him, their life, children. But all that mattered was winning – even if it cost the trust we shared. If you loved your life so much, why did you turn to the bottle? All squirm. Nikki couldn’t take the lies and secrets. Did I abandon you in the depths of depression? Am I turning from you now when you have vodka on your breath? Damn no! Nikki hisses as all look stunned.

Vikki’s now asked why she voted Victor out as CEO. You were in jail Dad – someone had to run it. The real reason? You wanted to teach me the error of my ways? Vikki turns to the jury – Victor Newman knows what buttons to push – don’t you Dad? Victor’s deeply saddened – I love you. Adam not agrees that he and Victor have had a turbulent relationship. We’ve hated and loved each other. We’re alike; ruthless. You’ve been convicted of multiple felonies – facing years in prison – who did you come to for help. No one – you came to me, Adam says. You could have gone to Jack Abbott – but he wouldn’t have helped you. His precious integrity is more important than you. Adam hopes the jury’s getting all this – he thinks having no integrity is a good thing. I’m saying there’s a higher authority – family, Victor tells the jury that Adam’s turned family away many times. But you can’t Victor now shouts – my blood courses through your veins! Blood is thicker than water – than alcohol!